Can classed wu kong beat Tarlak?

Like said… woud it be possible to class up Wu Kong to a hero that’s no longer a glass canon? And can match Tarlak?

And would you choose to do that? As Wu kong is preferred hero against all titans. :smiley:

My opinion is that Tarlak would still be better than a classed Wu Kong for non-dark titans. Tarlak’s buff to tile damage is slightly stronger (+100% compared to Wu Kong’s effective +93.8%) and doesn’t interfere with accuracy, which is crucial for inflicting debuffs. Wu’s better stats wouldn’t change that, though he’d likely be a stronger contender against dark titans.

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How do you calculate Wukong’s effective percentage?

The formula is attack% x accuracy%, which yields the average damage over time. Since his accuracy reduction affects base damage as well as the percentage increase, though, we have to add the base damage (1) to what gets multiplied by accuracy, then subtract it back out at the end to get the percent increase. So:

Effective attack boost = ((1 + 1.85) x 0.68) - 1
Effective attack boost = 0.938


Plus tarlaks special doesn’t interfere with debuff specials missing either.

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Yes, and to properly cover the difference, you give Wu credit for the same multiplier on SS damage where Tarlak doesn’t impact that at all.

I don’t have Tarlak and I don’t imagine that I will be lucky enough to summon him anytime soon, either. So this is the route that I am taking; use monk emblems to preferentially beef up Wu’s defense and health.

Tarlak provide high damage and stable than Wu which provide very high damage with chance to miss.

if all of your heroes are 1-hit ko from Titan , better avoid to use Wu

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The way I always figured it out was that 2 attacks out of 3 (ruffly) at 185% hit harder then 3 tiles at + 100%.

3 tiles combined is 185% x 2 = 370% for Wu and 300% for Tarlak.

I know there is a loop somewhere but I gotta say I can’t figure out your formula either

Something that can’t really be quantified is the effect of defense debuff specials possibly missing, which could result in higher damage not being done.


An unclassified Wu-Kong can be far better than Tarlak if the miss rate is low.

This—the damage from specials is small potatoes compared to tile damage. If your defense debuffer or elemental debuffer misses because of Wu Kong, you’ve just lost a big amount of damage—10k or more if things are going well.

Tarlak has benched my Wu except against dark titans.



+0.938x 5 turns= + 4.69x


Tarlak +1x 4 turns = +4x

I personally like long ally buffs / enemy debffs so I will raise the Wu Kong Cascade Squad to 4*+19 .

And specials from Richard, Joon etc. (reduced attack and blindess) missing are also ugly as the titan will kill your heroes faster.

Alas, no Tarlak so far from me so I’ll have to give the emblems to Wu instead of Drake for example.

Even a not upgraded Wu kong can beat Tarlak (sometimes). His strenght reside on his special, not his stats.
Like the description says it is a gamble, that can be extremely lucky or extremely unlucky.

Tarlak you are sure of the good outcome, and that all the tiles would eventually stun the titan. And that’s why people prefer him.
On average basis, i’m sure that with high level titans he performs overall better.

But “how much better” i’m not sure of it. None are probably.
Still, Wu kong is a core hero for every deck, and he deserve emblems right away.

The ultimate “P2W” hero (imo) vs the gambler? I’d take the buffer with heal anytime. But use the first few emblems on Wu right away.

I just want to point out, that attack boost != damage boost. The damage goes up exponentially with increasing attack, so the calculations in this thread are misleading. Wu Kong’s buff is quite a bit stronger than Tarlak’s, but as already said in the posts above he has so many advantages over Wu Kong, that he is still the better choice without a doubt.

Let’s say basic tile damage we have 21500 (no buffs).
Then 21,500 +185% and - 32% = 41667
Then 21500 + 100% = 43000
Maybe i am wrong with calculations, but as for me Tarlak beat Wu (slightly, but still).

To make it fair, I think you should be comparing maxed Wu to Tarlak who spent 500 emblems.

More or less is like this, and that’s why people prefer Tarlak.

But if he miss less then that, or the missed tiles are weak tiles, Wu Kong is still better.

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