Can bleeding stack?

To beta testers (@Tpenn @Kerridoc ?) do you know if the Barbarian’s bleed stack?

For example if I hit an ennemy with 3 tiles, with some luck can the 3 tiles apply bleed on top of each other?

I know it can stack as per the description, but wondered if it’s only one time per turn or one time per tile.

I think this is related, and might answer your question:

But I’ll be curious to see what beta testers say.

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This would indicate that I have more chance to apply bleed if my only blue hero is Grimm vs if I attack with a mono blue team?

As much as that surprises me, yes, that seems to be what @Kerridoc observed in beta.

I have to Gravemakers and in Beta for me bleeding did not stack but it could be different when mixing two different hero’s instead of the same

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