Can Beta tell us what the advises for Tell and Vela were?

Obviously Beta came with recommendations for Tell and Vela.

Can you tell us what those recomemmendations were? So we can see what community wanted to be able to compare on what would have been on them? I heard Beta found Tell already to be op before she was released?

If this must be added to another tell topic then please do so :slight_smile:

Please only mods and beta reactions.

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I would also love to hear what the feeling and experiences are. What the thoughts and direction
might be.
Something other than… all of it!
But there is no safe place here,
where actual information will not be drowned
In the swamp.

Even here may just become another branch of the same tree.

@VFROOD please if you see some actual reports like this-will you tag me so I can read too!

And I will do the same for you :+1:
:point_down:t2: @VFROOD :point_down:t2:
But, I don’t look much anymore…
It was killing my zen

I don’t think the final changes will break the bank, and quite frankly I lost every single tested raid against the GM/Tell/Vela trifecta. I suspect that trio may still be popular in high-end Diamond. And it’s possible Tell’s healing is going to be better, which was always my main concern even if the mana degenerator is either reduced or completely removed.

And individually, I think Tell and Vela, depending on the supporting casts, will still be tough. Vela’s total damage is really hard to come back from.


Stupid question — if Very fast, dodge sharing, 24% mana buffing Margret becomes more viable; does her elemental link buff for greens impact the whole Red attacking Telly gets slaughtered by Vela?

(I haven’t looked at her in ages, might have the color wrong)

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I think it could. I could see that happening.

No, they give you heroes to test on top of what you already have from your real account and testers set their defenses according to what people want to try to test offenses against. Naturally, a lot of players wanted to test the strength of that Front 3 meta, and I wanted to see if I had anything that could crack it. For me, it was still no.

By the way, what happened to Graffiti Petey?

It’s possible some other testers did do that. I just didn’t focus enough time on that arrangement myself.

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