Can AW matchups be fixed?

Up until the last war most of our matchups have been great. If we score over 4K we often win. This time we nearly made 4K, but they scored over 5K - a massive jump from all our wars before.

Is it possible to cheat the system somehow?

I don’t know of any way that someone can game the system too badly. But there are a lot of people who are far more devious than I am.

Within the confines of the rules of AW, there are some thing you can do that gives you little advantages (one common one for example, is all having the same color tank). Some I haven’t heard anyone talk about yet in the Forums. Add enough little advantages together and you can get a pretty big deviation in points.

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Everyone loses now and again.

Deal with it and move on.

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I have to give SG credit - Ever since they introduced the current system, We’ve been matched up pretty well, honestly. We’ve won close ones, we’ve lost close ones, and we’ve been blown out a few times. Not sure we’ve blown anyone out…

I think your issue has more to do with the nature of the randomness of the boards rather than any glaring flaw in the current matching system.

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You all who have a problem with matchmaking seem to think there is an alliance out there that is an exact statistical mirror opposite and that you should be paired with such alliance every single time of war. Guess what, there are only so many alliances out there and if such alliance already gets paired up to closely match another alliance, then you’ll get the next best closest pairing. And, if those have already been paired, then you’ll get the next closest pairing which might have a greater variance. It all comes full circle so you are not being singled out.

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Matchmaking for the most part has been absolutely spot on since they introduced the new system. It’s incredible. Are there some outliers, where us or them get murdered? Of course, those will never be completely eliminated, but easily 4 out of 5 wars are fun and competitive. They did a great job this time.

And don’t forget, the more you win, the harder your matchups will get. It’s now a lot like the Titans, which is the way it should be.


You’re not going to win every war, one loss doesn’t mean the system has failed.


Some helpful comments here. Thanks.

It makes sense that there will be occasional blowouts - especially with alliances that are being matched on minority criteria.

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