Can anyone help

We are in the middle of war about to flip… the player that battled it received no points for the battle and its stuck… we can’t flip the board and nobody can use flags. If anyone has any information or can help in any way please let me know.

I ended a war match in the current war the system gave me the victory messagem but the war dashboard is still showing that i’m attacking. IT was the last team alive from the adversary, só they can t revive and noone from the clan can play. Anyone can help?

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Yup exactly my issue.

I’ve seen this issue pop up in the forums before, going back to Sept 2018. Can’t recall ever seeing a solution.

It really sucks… it’s still stuck like that … :frowning: … 3 hours later and Eddie is still going at that same clean up …

Has Eddie tried force closing & restarting the app?

I’ve seen this sometimes happen when a phone dies in the middle of a battle. Doesn’t clear until the person logs back on again.

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He says he did but I don’t believe it… if it was game related we would all have an issue. He probably has 30 different apps open and never hard closes them. He just jumps from one to the other. The game probably can’t fix itself because it never restarted. I was just sending messages in game chat about this as soon as he logged off again. And he’s not on line app to reach him.

Has he been back online in game?

If so best thing you can do is create a Support Ticket; Click this hashtag for instructions: #contact-support

Thank you… the more I thought of it. Your exactly right. That’s probably all it is… thanks for the reply.

He has been back on the game. I tried reaching out to him and he logged off.

Thank you … much appreciated.

This is happening to us as well. We can’t reset the board. The alliance member stuck even uninstalled and redownloaded the game and it didn’t help.

We can’t really do anything on the forum here.

Best thing you can do is to lodge a support ticket:

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