Can anyone explain why my average global raid trophy drop by 200 in 1-2 days?

I set defense team for have average global raid trophy about 2400. But in yesterday and today(08:40:00 UTC Monday, 15 March 2021), my average global raid trophy drop to about 2200. I don’t change any heros defense team. I have no idea what cause it.

People raided you and you lost.

20 more losses.


Well, most likely because there are a lot more raids on the weekend than due to the week.

Also possible that you reached a higher trophylevel, like something around 2680 cups instead of the 2610 you usually have?

But all very speculative, you will see the attacks and if you could post your defence we could maybe make an estimation of how many cups you “usually” should be able to hold.

I don’t think that is unusual. I am around 1600 and as soon as I go offline I go down with 100-150.
From time to time, even bigger drop down to 1400 level.

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you cannot set the defense team to have a certain trophies because every now and then you’ll lose no matter what team you have . it depends on the team that attacks you and pls consider that you can lose to a team that is 1000 weaker than you . this game is based on luck, you just need a good boards to win. I used to win with 3400 against 4400 now with 4600 (but avg heroes) I can’ beat top players with all OP heroes fully ascended and 30lvl troops. sometimes you win sometimes you lose (based on how the game wants you to).

btw. I can lose almost 500 trophies in an hour if I get to top 100 with my avg team lol so 200 in 2 days is not that many

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@Chodaboy Yes, but it look like there are a lot more raids.

@ll2000sr I don’t reach 2600+ cup. My defense is Khagan+19, Joon+19, Joon+6, Sartana+14, Marjana+19. I know it is weak defense but I use this defense for about month. It can hold trophy about 2350-2400. But yesterday and today it drop to about 2200. I can change it to stronger but I want to know what cause this happen.
Yes, it look like people do more raid in yesterday and today than in the previous month, do you know what cause this ?

@A-Sweden Yes, my trophy drop to about 2350-2400 when go offline. Sometime it go lower but yesterday and today, it go much lower.

@brano I know the trophy is vary, sometime my trophy can go to 2300 and also so can go to 2500 but yesterday and today is drop more than in the pervious month, I don’t know why.

I think it is because people do more raid in yesterday and today than in the previous month but I don’t know what cause people do more raid.

Well pov started today, people like to complete things quick so guessing more people using raid flasks.


Probably because Raid Formations got removed (amen!) so people are raiding a lot more again. Check your defense, if you used a different order you may need to reorganized them back to a standard formation.


@Dudeious.Maximus Maybe

@JAWS_3D I always use standard formation and never change my raid formation to any other formation. Maybe, it is because Raid Formations got removed make people do more raid again as you say.

the higher you are the more raids you get and loses are likely to take more cups than winning.

almost no team is guaranteed to have very high cups while being offline.

you can get this or this on the same team

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Relax Bro I of 2740, I was with 2100 … take revenge and recover your trophies … When I attack I attack someone with 2700 upwards so if I win 50 and lose, I lose 10 … I do not take revenge who has a trophy difference 20 down getting lost i’m f**k*d

One thing that occasional happens is you accidentally switch your defense team to a random team because you pressed the “defense” button when you were raiding or doing farming. Always good to check.

To add another input ;

When I raid, it happens that I need to reroll many many times before I decide to fight. This is based on how difficult my opponent is compared to my hero roaster, what is the win/lost ratio, etc. other times I find the “right” opponent without any reroll.

Could it be that some teams are more popular to attack? Some teams are avoided etc?

I avoid all player with more than one healer.

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lol, first time I went to global #1, I woke up over 800 cups poorer. :rofl:

2 days and only 200 lost? Once I get to about 2800, I’ll lost 300 to 400 in a matter of minutes.

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