Can anyone advise best team

I’m certainly not an expert but

Raid defence:
Melendor - Sumi?* - Richard - Domitia - Li Xiu

Raid offence generic:
Some variation of above with Cyprian.

If you finish levelling your 4* while you wait for 5* mats you’ll have a somewhat solid team.

You could use a sniper and a 4* tank like BT, Kiril or Kashh though

*I’ve forgotten his max stats

I think Cyprian can be better on 4^70 than Domitia on 3^70 on defense.

You should ascend Grimm and Wukong fast for titans.

Yeah you are right, sorry I didn’t make clear in my earlier post that I was thinking ‘if maxed’

If based on existing heroes maybe

Nash/Bane - Cyprian - Richard - Scarlett - Li

Or swap Cyp with Scar

Best team for what you need different cards for different things Titans for example, wars, raids. You’ll find out that you need a lot of cards if you’re looking for a good guild to join ours is accepting.

Assuming you can get them maxed


Melendor Sumitomo Richard Domitia LiXiu

Rainbow Province Farming

Melendor Scarlett Richard Domitia LiXiu

Titans and Offensive Raid Varies highly depening on opponents

Thank you for your help was struggling to work out which to try max out first especially I now have lvl 20 training

Defense or offense?
Principle are always the same, you need to spend money and lots of it!
Get 5*, you have opportunity to get Guinevere in next few days, do lots of summons to get feeder for your 5*, gamble on ascension mat offering. Hopefully you get ur 5* to 3/70 then wait for months to get tome of tactic and hidden blade, there you are your first fully max 5*. See you in 3 months time.

Well what do you want to focus on? AOE damage is best for raids and war, direct damage is good for Titan, that wu Kong card is great for every Titan battle, he gives 185% attack bonus to all cars, along with a 32% Miss rate.

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