Can an admin help change my forum name?

I want to change my account name to my user name in the game. Can this be done?

Just to make sure I know what you’re asking, you want to change your forum name to match your game name, right?

yeah i dont want it to be my real name basically.

I think you might be able to do this yourself.

Try this:

Click your user icon on the top right, and then the Gear icon :gear:

That’ll bring you to your profile.

In the drop down, select Preferences:

Click to edit your user name:

Click the Change button at the bottom.

Does that work for you? I’m not sure if all users have access to do that for themselves.

Yeah, that doesnt change my main name though. I dont think it has that access on my side.

My bubble name stays bboyle.

Sounds like it lets you change your “full name” but not your “username” then maybe.

EDIT: I read more about this in the Discourse software documentation, and username changes can have notable implications in breaking things for your existing posts.

I think you should actually contact support about this:

Sounds great. Thank you for your time. Will do!

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Well I just found this thread actually: Changing user name

So I think it’s probably ok for me to change it. :confounded:

Wait I dont want to change anything in the game. Just my forum name

I know. :slight_smile:

Contacting support about anything is always through the game.

But I think I can help you with this actually!

What do you want your forum name to be?

ahh lol thanks. I need it to be: poopcorn

Quite the name. :wink:

Hang on, let me see what I can do…

lol, thanks, Its the name I created when playstations needed an adapter to get on internet. Same name, every game, every system, every poker site.

I think it worked!! :slight_smile:


ohhh snap. Fells good to be backkk!!! Thanks buddyyyy


You’re welcome!

20 :poop::corn:

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:joy::rofl: Great work! See you in the battle field.

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Closing this as a duplicate of Changing user name

Note to self or other moderators in the future: users apparently can’t change their own username, but moderators can change it for them.

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