Can Alberich 70 replace Melandor 70? Need Team help


Both sitting at 60. Have the necessary items to ascend to 70 one green.

Here’s the possible teams members. Those in parentheses are my current thinking on optimal team.

Green (Alberich/Melandor 70) or Caedmon 70
Red (Marjana 70) or Boldtusk 70 or Ares 60
Purple (Sartana 70) or Rigard 70
Blue (Athena 70)
Yellow (Mushasi 70) or LiXiu 70

Current defense Rigard, Boldtusk, Li Xiu, Athena, Caedmon

Any thoughts on balancing healing/damage?

Defense Team? Titan Team? Raid Attack?

Thanks in advance for your help!


For defence i probably use something like Alberich-Ares-Sartana-Athena-Lixiu.
For Titans switch Lixiu for Musashi.
For attack switch Alberich with Caedmon.


For titan it heavily depends on what kind of titans you’re fighting in both colour and * level.
If your heroes can stay alive easily, add in more hitters - if you die before the time is up, add in more healers.

For now i’d think your base titan team would prolly be: Athena, sartana, musashi, boldtusk and caed.

This obviously changes for every colour as you should swap out weak colours to double up on strong ones (with the exception of green titans, because you shouldn’t swap out athena - especially if you have no other defense debuffer).


No love for Marjana? Rats, as I probably should have used those hidden blades on Ares…

I’ve been using Al, Ares, Sartana, Athena and Mush on the map, and it’s pretty fun. Also tried it on a Titan with good results, although I’ll play around with color matching in the future.

Thanks for your comments


Marjana is definitely a good one so no worries there! :slight_smile:

I’d probably use her in raiding/map/quests and in some cases for titan (for example on green titans you double up on red or you can swap rigard/boldtusk and sartana/marjana depending on the items you want to bring (more healing and no need for antidotes))