Can a stack flanked colors work in a war?

We have a debate in our alliance

Can we coordinate tank and flank colors?

Let’s say blue and red flanks?

The reasoning they will have to rely heavily on two colors and in the long run they can’t have so many of those

In the long run will it exshust enemy resources faster then rainbow?

Is it depending on team level?

We are mid high level. From 3400 to 4250 teams power

Will it work when everyone has maxed heros?

Will it work on lower level team?

Will it never work?..

I can see the logic in it to get some pay off from it if everyone does it. However I think the payoff will be rather small.
Also have to think of the synergy of the heroes.
I will let other more expereinced players share their thoughts on it.


Coordinating tank colors is fine but flank colors not necessarily.

Forcing flank colors would ruin a defense if the heroes do not suit that position.
The best is to coordinate tank color but leave the rest of the team to the players to decide the best defense they can come up with.

Unlike top alliances where they have the “best” hero for every color, if a player does not have a strong hero for a particular color, I would advise them to use the best defense that they have.


We’ve run into teams with coordinated flanks before — or even their entire lineup coordinated — and it’s often led to some weirdly constructed teams that were much, much weaker than the same team would have been just reordered.

I agree with @Codasim and @AirHawk, you have to be careful about how you approach this, or you’ll end up weakening your teams more than the color stacking offset is worth.

If everyone in the alliance had good options for flanks in the right colors, it would be highly effective. But for the range of your TP, I suspect some of your players would have a hard time filling those slots with good choices.


During the final battle at the recent alliance war, I ran out of stronger color to stack against an opponent’s team of Alberich, Sartana, Gravemaker, Lianna and Joon. I decided to put up a mono read team of Scarlett, Lancelot, Gormek, 3 70 Marjana and Boltusk with a plan to wipe out Albi and Lianna. Even with below average board, it turn out the battle was quite a breeze for me.
Moral of the story ; even with a uniformed tank and flank, the opponents will always try to find the best combination to counter our team setup.
Uniformed tank is more than sufficient.
Using a uniform flank as well may forced the other team member to put a weaker line up which in turn put the alliance at such a disadvantages.

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The alliance I was before we had same tank color (blue) and same flank colors (red and yellow). It worked well…everyone was able to set up a sounding defense team. War teams were a bit lower than in your alliance now. If it really improved our war performance…I can’t tell.

The one thing I found annoying in our last war was that the opposing team put almost all their purples to the edge despite blue tanks.

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