Can a leader leave? What happens to the alliance?

What happens when the leader leaves the alliance? Who becomes the leader? I started my alliance 3 years ago and recently merged with another alliance and they are ignoring me and now making their own decisions, most of which are good but every time I make a comment or call someone out for not following our (original alliance) few rules, one or other of them shouts me down! I am feeling pushed out. I am not bossy or nasty. I just want to play the game. Comments and advice please. I am getting really frustrated and disheartened with my alliance and don’t want to play any more.

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Pick who you think will be a good replacement, promote them and move on. Plenty of other alliances out there looking for players.

Being a leader is over rated anyways.


Thank you for your reply. I would pick one of my original co-leaders but how do they take over?

You just promote them as leader and you become co-leader. Then you just leave. I did that when we merged alliances. I promoted a member who has been with us a long time, but stopped playing, and the active players just left.


To make someone the alliance leader, you need to choose someone who have co-leader status and promote that person, the same way you would promote some from Elder to Co-leader.

Promoting a player that is co-leader make him Leader and automatically downgrade you to co-leader.


What if your in an alliance where the leader is no longer active. Is there a way for a member to “take over?”

There is no way to take leadership from a leader best to take players and create or join a different one

Hi @DarkPaladin

Unfortunately, there isn’t. That also goes for Elders and Co-leaders, so no one can take over.

That being said it looks s to bad that isn’t put into the alliance to remove a leader after so many days inactive

If your alliance leader is inactive for 60 consecutive days, the system will automatically select a new leader from those eligible (co-leaders & elders).


However, a member can not take over leadership.

Yes, I was under the impression this should have been implemented feature. Haven’t had a chance to test out though, because I am still the active leader in my alliance.

Demotion of Inactive Alliance Leaders Enabled (September 14, 2021) - News & Updates - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (


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They did put over a certain amount of time leader is inactive its passed down to co-leader that been there the longest … Trying to find what the actual time is …

Thanks @Shohoku79 :green_heart:

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We need people in Fighting Fury! alliance. You seem like you would fit right in with us. Our alliance is open, you’re welcome to join us if you’re fed up with yours. If you fit the bill, I’d be happy to promote you :grin:
Name’s Blade of Flames, Leader of Fighting Fury!

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It’s 60 days inactive. It happened in our alliance a while ago. At 30 days there is an in-game warning message. At 45 days there is an in-game message and the system sends the leader a push notification. Then, it auto-selects a co-leader or elder to be leader after the 60 days up.

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Thanks @Revel106 too for actual time… And nice plug for your alliance :wink:

There this thread too @DarkPaladin if you need to move yah alliance …

Thank you @Dudeious.Maximus

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I wonder why in dead alliances there is leadership over 1000 days inactive and still a alliance wouldn’t the alliance go to the active player left if any

Probably there are no co-leaders/elders to take over. Leadership is not transferred to members.