Can a connection issue ever be anything more than that?

I’ve been having connectivity issues, on different wifi networks, but basically consistently IN THE SAME PLACE in the game. It’s a bit too noticeable for me to not point it out. So I ask, can a connection issue every be a bug? Or something else?

1 out of 6 flags I lose a hit - this has happened 3x in a row. The game locks ups after my hit is over and it’s calculating score. I get 0 points and no damage done.

Spring Tourney:
Today, THREE TIMES, in stage 18 of advanced the game craps out - all three times at different points. 1) on the last boss with him and 1 near death minion. 2) Just in the middle. 3) On the first set of minions. All at different times of the day as I am letting the energies come back and not flasking.

Titans? Raids? Map? Yeah, once in a while, but not reliably in terms of where and how. This happened ZERO times in my first 8-9 months of playing. Now it reliably happens infrequently, if that makes any sense.

Are you able to play the game over data instead of wifi? I’m only interested because the running theme seems to be disconnections on wifi and if you have a reliable way to check I’d just love to know.

My wife has had issues on wifi, but personally ever since this year started I’ve only ever connected via mobile data and haven’t one had an issue (in any of the areas) regarding connectivity.

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I am, but don’t really want to consume mobile data - I don’t know how much data it sucks down and we don’t have a data heavy plan.

I am almost certain that SGG has recommended over wifi in other posts vs. LTE or mobile data due to it’s reliability.

Lol wifi reliability is circumstantial. Wifi at my employer is worse than 56k I feel… But to each their own.

For the record, since March 5 when my cycle started the game has used .58 GB of data on my device, and I’m on the game more than the forums if that gives you an inkling.

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We have cable internet with its own WiFi thingee in the house. Maybe during the last month, I’ve had to routinely switch over to my phone’s data half a dozen times, ‘cause the WiFi wasn’t working.

Since switching to data can be expensive, check out this FAQ on troubleshooting your connectivity:

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Something else to keep in mind is background processes. Many people turn these off when in data use or set their apps to automatically update on wifi. Phones have gotten a lot better with time but they’re still nowhere near the processing power of actual computers in many cases. The more you have your device doing the greater the chance of problems occurring.

And with so many ‘connected’ devices (dvr, consoles, casting devices, printers even) your router may have trouble staying connected. Make sure you have the correct rating device for everything you’re trying to have connected.

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All I can say is that I play A LOT on mobile data and my monthly total for March was 2.6Gb… so I guess it depends on your contract… I have 9Gb per month and never got to 7Gb

I’m thinking you also updated the game on data. Personally I’ll do the update via wifi, and just keep connected during gameplay with data.

As I work 22:00 until 07:00 then have to watch my child until about 17:00… I just find it hard to believe all that data you used is from being on nearly 5 times as often as myself.