Can 2 alliances merge? How? Until what point? Share your thoughts/experiences (not a recruiting topic)

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Potato potahto you can be structured all you want lol and I encourage it but for me I just talk how I feel and don’t worry about punctuation and or sentence structure as long as my message gets out and talk-to-text isn’t messing with me, then again those are also some fun messages.

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So far, I’ve had 3 mergers. Two were great, one was bad.
The first merger lasted for around two and half years maybe, we had a good run but most of people eventually got bored of the game and everything. Before they got bored, there was that second merger where it was kinda… Awkward, honestly. We merged, the leader of “my” alliance was micromanaging the leader of that other alliance (which was also the leader in that new alliance) and they kinda had enough of it after a couple of days (which was understanding) and just left. Some members stayed and after that we had a huge fallout where the leaders of my old alliance left all of a sudden and we were left on 10 members.
Now, the third merger was awesome, that alliance is still going strong and I’m super happy with it. Now, why?
After the fallout, I volunteered to recruit (actually, I made an account here just for that purpose while in that old alliance, there’s a whole topic here where I’m “recruiting”).
So, I figured out after that sheity merger what was wrong. When you merge with someone, most of people tend to introduce one sheity thing, which is power play. You kinda want to make people welcome, but not too welcome so they don’t overtake the alliance, and it goes both ways. Most of fallouts happen for that reason. Many people have strong connections and feelings towards their alliance mates, with set rules how they want to play the game and when people merge without actually going over the details, sheit happens.
When I went recruiting again last winter, I thought of an idea to “court” the other alliance for the beginning. Exchange visits, feel the beat of the people, participate in wars and titans etc. That should last for max a week (to participate in two wars). If that works out, we merge but we come up with a new name so it’d be a new start for all of us. We agreed to alternate leadership so no one would feel that power play, and ultimately it wouldn’t really matter once we have a good thing going.

So, in my experience, it’s like relationships. Be open about what you want, have safe s*x and have fun.


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I’ve been through a couple mergers. Some worked and some didn’t. Imo, the two alliances have to share the same goals/rules through the whole roster. When individuals or groups want more or want less, fractures occur.

Rules, a necessary evil, have to be agreed upon and followed (“no rules” is just another rule in my eyes). So, leadership has to “know” what their alliance is, not what they want it to be, before the merger.

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In a game as in life you are not going to please all of the alliance members all of the time.
Players always tinker around the edges they come and go and sometimes return.
You would be exceptionally lucky to build an alliance, fill it with 30 players and all stick together through thick and thin for years to come.
A merger of smaller alliances brings change with it. Players will outgrow you and spread their wings, others relish a new challenge and stick around to make a go of it, and a few will become jaded and possibly throw in the towel.
So yes - it’s a good merger if you keep 90%+ of the existing alliance members. But from experience I would expect to lose 1 or 2 players over a 6 month period. That would be for a whole variety of reasons not just because of the merger …
And if that 90%+ stay together and grow together for a reasonable amount of time then I would view that merger as a positive experience…
Just my two pennies worth

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For long term progress, it’s better to recruit individually than groups. Individuals are better at assimilating into your alliance culture while groups, per my own experience, remains a subset of the alliance without actually adopting the new alliance identity and sooner or later the shine wears off and off they go looking for greener pasture. Individuals are also easier to manage. If they don’t fit, them leaving or being kicked would not impact your alliance as much as a group leaving.


I’ve only been in one merger that was successful. The key was that both alliances were fairly casual and similar outlooks on the game. Both were fairly lassez-faire; however, the other alliance did use coordinated tank colors which was a minor issue. We did lose some people who didn’t join in the new alliance, but most were already starting to become inactive, so it wasn’t a real loss in that sense.
We also had some discussions on Discord for a few weeks to make sure that it would be a good fit.
It’s been about a year, and we have lost a couple people from my original alliance… it’s hard to judge if it was due to the game changes, or the fact that we were starting to make missing war flags a big issue. It may have helped that both alliances were roughly the same size.


When me and two others and another two (who didn’t last that long), decide to leave a alliance we was in and create our own…
We decided on a merger with everyone coming to us yeah… haha a bold move to put across with 5… but my mate still in the alliance now would go to other alliances and mention to them about a merge.
He found a alliance that had about 15 people he stayed with them for a few weeks …we set up a line chat group and all just chatted etc …
Everyone on same the same level on we want and how to progress better … So they decide to join us all gravy … Then the other two started complaining so one left then the other …
That was over a year ago our alliance rules haven’t changed, we did lose some of the orgianal merge folk but that was more due to RL and we was growing a few did prob feel bit more harder with war and titans …

So a year in 7-8 of the 15 still there ended up imo good merge … :+1:


I think it depends on the seriousness of the alliances that are merging.

We had an alliance merge in with us about 4 or 5 months ago, and its been great. Their leader reached out and we had discussions about our alliances and how strict each were. We both have active members who use all war flags and hit titans, but neither alliance in the merger have any notion that we are going to be Top 100, or even 500 for that matter. We are just a group that enjoys the game together and understands real life.


Did I say we had group leaders of their friends who just wanted to dump their “friends” on us just cause it would be awkward for them to say they want more/different thing? Oh yeah, that is a thing.

Ofcourse when people realised that the one who 'brought" them took a break/“went around from flower to flower” they got the memo and just left one by one.

goes and hides in a corner

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We both got rid of our 15 weakest and now we compete with the top 3 alliances. It has some growing pains but were getting there. We shall see next week on the Mythic Titan if e beat the Avengers!

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Well my alliance of three years has slowly lost players over the past year and we decided to merge. I’ll check back in to let you know how it goes.

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A bunch of very naïve real life friends had a falling out with their first alliance and decided to strike out and make their own alliance. I convinced more real life friends and family to join. We rocketed to 30 relatively quickly. We even had some very experienced players join and offer amazing advice. They gave me line channels to recruit and one gave us wise goat. The community as a whole has been great to us. It was all great until family and friends grew bored of the game and we found ourselves at 20 in a short span. Most of it wasn’t done from people being upset with how things were run, although maybe 2 or 3 were (not family or friends members). Recruiting 10 felt like a chore, so I opted for a merger. I found what I thought were a great group of people and they merged with us. It’s been about 18 months since that merge and we only have 3 left from it. Because of those 3 relationships alone, I call the merge a success. One gave up the game about 4 months ago. The other 4 or 5 left because of a falling out. They were more casual than us. It was too casual for us and it caused friction.

I’ve been fortunate to maintain 27 or more since then and haven’t had a need to merge again (although I’m not opposed to it). I’m pretty blessed with the people we have. We very rarely miss war flags. I do tend to turn a blind eye to titans unless it becomes egregious. It’s doubtful we’ll ever be in the game for 13 or 14 star titans, but it’s a good atmosphere with good people that have found the level of devotion they want to give to this game.


adding an experience

My previous alliance had a couple of merges. In both cases, it worked very well to start with. We even renamed the alliance the first time to make it feel like a new alliance, rather than a takeover.

However, in both cases, the smaller alliance that merged in both just gradually drifted away from the game. In the end there was only one member from the second alliance left. There were never any arguments or drama. Nobody ever gave their reasons, they just either eventually left the alliance or became inactive and had to be kicked. My read on it was that for the smaller alliance, it ‘just didn’t feel the same any more’. As I said, nobody ever gave their reasons, but that was how it seemed. Gradually becoming less chatty and less active in general.

Neither was a total failure, but they weren’t rip roaring successes either. They both helped our alliance grow at the time.

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Plucking this bit out because I think it’s the most crucial part of alliance mergers (or even just single players joining an established alliance).

From personal experience any merger, or individual joining, only works if both have very similar expectations of play; or understood levels of participation. My predecessor oversaw a merger (my old alliance joined current). I’ve only ever recruited via the forums. While this has resulted in one group joining, most who do are individuals. We’ve been pretty stable for the last year, with a core of around 22 players.

If there are enough differences in expectations, then it leads to friction. It happens, and sometimes takes a while for such things to be known depending on individual tolerances and whether such dissatisfaction is mentioned.

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