Can 2 alliances merge? How? Until what point? Share your thoughts/experiences (not a recruiting topic)

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Starting this topic because people who try to merge can/would/should have a good understanding of how things work, if they can work, if they are talking about a merger or a poking, etc from what other experienced, want, etc

Especially when I see a lot of people walking off from the game, lately (at least a year), and half alliances are left stranded and left with the people who like that ‘management’ and stay, besides the ones who go and search what is best for them.

Feel free to share your, from your perspective (management or non-management) :

  • experiences
  • thoughts
  • ideas
  • pros and cons
  • etc

Gonna be here (when work, sleep allows it) to poke some questions when I see fit/needed.

And please keep it respectful.

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From past experience, mergers don’t work. It is just a expression, when it works, for a future period where 20/30 max people adapt and agree to follow someones ideas masked behind a core of people.

Because people get tired of leadership
Wanna become stronger and kill bigger titans
Wanna win wars all the time
And harder is when all those from above get together.
and not the last when people don’t know what they want and just think they do. :rofl:

This is an interesting subject, and I agree that it could be helpful to those looking to make a change. I don’t have any E&P experience with this (only other games played over the years :joy::nerd_face:), so I’m looking forward to read what those experienced in this over here have to say.

I know that LR & GD merged at the top level of play. @Colonel , is there anything that you’d be able to share?

Thanks for starting this discussion BoolzSan :nerd_face:


Actually in the four and a half years that I have been in the game and having one of the original and longest running franchises. I disagree. I have had many successful mergers and I have had a few failures. It all goes down to communication and being honest with one another before the merge takes place. You all have to be on the same page want the same things and be willing to work with one another. Not all of them work but not all of them are bad in my experience.


I agree on this. And I also think it is something very hard to find. And that if it the people are [quote] ‘being honest with one another’. Some just say to you what you want to hear so you come to them and not the other way around. In long term, are they [quote] ‘being honest with one another’?

See that’s the kicker I will only absorb a merge my fukwits don’t travel LOL. We worked long and hard for our reputation. Our Roots are deep LOL

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i agree with this, why? cause too many times my fikwits got hurt and felt very bad about it

with how you ‘named’ it, i don’t agree. i would replace ‘work’ with ‘builted while having fun and making sure people have fun also in my way’ > ( my way is structured)

Even though I have done this numerous times as I stated some were and epic failure because of that. We laid it out on the line what we were… how we were …and what we were about. The BS meter didn’t pick up on anything on their side. It didn’t take long to realize that they were not who they said they were. And were escorted out the door :smiling_imp:

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I suppose it’s a bit like swings and roundabouts for some. From my experience sometimes it’s been good and sometimes it’s been awful.
When it was good the two leadership teams spoke in Line at length about what both alliances wanted / needed going forward. They agreed structure and understanding of base rules. They agreed on the management team of the new alliance and what that alliance would be called. Each alliance then voted on what they wanted to do ie merge or not.
Some people did leave because they were not receptive to change or the “new” alliance didn’t feel a good fit for them.
In my other experience- When it was bad, it was awful … the management team spoke to a leadership team of a “family” of alliances. They wanted numbers to bolster their four alliance group. Nothing at all was said to anyone in the home alliance at either Elder or Member level. On the “day” the four co-leaders left to join the new family, the leader then brought in someone and appointed him as the new leader. The home alliance went to invite only. He/she then divided the remaining alliance members up telling them to join one of four of the family of alliances. Gave everyone 24 hours to sort themselves out and then simply said the home alliance would be “closed” at “X” hour and anyone remaining would be kicked.

So …. Like anything else there is a wrong way to do things and a good / better way to do things.

If it’s done with good communication and inclusion - then there is no reason why an alliance merger can’t work for the good of all


that is a good ‘merger’ :slight_smile:

cause how stated above it is just for some :slight_smile:

yeah, that was awful :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

Potato potahto you can be structured all you want lol and I encourage it but for me I just talk how I feel and don’t worry about punctuation and or sentence structure as long as my message gets out and talk-to-text isn’t messing with me, then again those are also some fun messages.

Nothing I do is normal and or proper in some cases it’s not even morally kosher but I make it work LOL one thing about me is you get what you get you can love me or hate me but either way you’ll never forget me

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So far, I’ve had 3 mergers. Two were great, one was bad.
The first merger lasted for around two and half years maybe, we had a good run but most of people eventually got bored of the game and everything. Before they got bored, there was that second merger where it was kinda… Awkward, honestly. We merged, the leader of “my” alliance was micromanaging the leader of that other alliance (which was also the leader in that new alliance) and they kinda had enough of it after a couple of days (which was understanding) and just left. Some members stayed and after that we had a huge fallout where the leaders of my old alliance left all of a sudden and we were left on 10 members.
Now, the third merger was awesome, that alliance is still going strong and I’m super happy with it. Now, why?
After the fallout, I volunteered to recruit (actually, I made an account here just for that purpose while in that old alliance, there’s a whole topic here where I’m “recruiting”).
So, I figured out after that sheity merger what was wrong. When you merge with someone, most of people tend to introduce one sheity thing, which is power play. You kinda want to make people welcome, but not too welcome so they don’t overtake the alliance, and it goes both ways. Most of fallouts happen for that reason. Many people have strong connections and feelings towards their alliance mates, with set rules how they want to play the game and when people merge without actually going over the details, sheit happens.
When I went recruiting again last winter, I thought of an idea to “court” the other alliance for the beginning. Exchange visits, feel the beat of the people, participate in wars and titans etc. That should last for max a week (to participate in two wars). If that works out, we merge but we come up with a new name so it’d be a new start for all of us. We agreed to alternate leadership so no one would feel that power play, and ultimately it wouldn’t really matter once we have a good thing going.

So, in my experience, it’s like relationships. Be open about what you want, have safe s*x and have fun.


loved this :heart: tried to find a better gif, but got in the uncensored area. lol


I’ve been through a couple mergers. Some worked and some didn’t. Imo, the two alliances have to share the same goals/rules through the whole roster. When individuals or groups want more or want less, fractures occur.

Rules, a necessary evil, have to be agreed upon and followed (“no rules” is just another rule in my eyes). So, leadership has to “know” what their alliance is, not what they want it to be, before the merger.

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In a game as in life you are not going to please all of the alliance members all of the time.
Players always tinker around the edges they come and go and sometimes return.
You would be exceptionally lucky to build an alliance, fill it with 30 players and all stick together through thick and thin for years to come.
A merger of smaller alliances brings change with it. Players will outgrow you and spread their wings, others relish a new challenge and stick around to make a go of it, and a few will become jaded and possibly throw in the towel.
So yes - it’s a good merger if you keep 90%+ of the existing alliance members. But from experience I would expect to lose 1 or 2 players over a 6 month period. That would be for a whole variety of reasons not just because of the merger …
And if that 90%+ stay together and grow together for a reasonable amount of time then I would view that merger as a positive experience…
Just my two pennies worth


For long term progress, it’s better to recruit individually than groups. Individuals are better at assimilating into your alliance culture while groups, per my own experience, remains a subset of the alliance without actually adopting the new alliance identity and sooner or later the shine wears off and off they go looking for greener pasture. Individuals are also easier to manage. If they don’t fit, them leaving or being kicked would not impact your alliance as much as a group leaving.


I’ve only been in one merger that was successful. The key was that both alliances were fairly casual and similar outlooks on the game. Both were fairly lassez-faire; however, the other alliance did use coordinated tank colors which was a minor issue. We did lose some people who didn’t join in the new alliance, but most were already starting to become inactive, so it wasn’t a real loss in that sense.
We also had some discussions on Discord for a few weeks to make sure that it would be a good fit.
It’s been about a year, and we have lost a couple people from my original alliance… it’s hard to judge if it was due to the game changes, or the fact that we were starting to make missing war flags a big issue. It may have helped that both alliances were roughly the same size.


When me and two others and another two (who didn’t last that long), decide to leave a alliance we was in and create our own…
We decided on a merger with everyone coming to us yeah… haha a bold move to put across with 5… but my mate still in the alliance now would go to other alliances and mention to them about a merge.
He found a alliance that had about 15 people he stayed with them for a few weeks …we set up a line chat group and all just chatted etc …
Everyone on same the same level on we want and how to progress better … So they decide to join us all gravy … Then the other two started complaining so one left then the other …
That was over a year ago our alliance rules haven’t changed, we did lose some of the orgianal merge folk but that was more due to RL and we was growing a few did prob feel bit more harder with war and titans …

So a year in 7-8 of the 15 still there ended up imo good merge … :+1: