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Epic hero tokens are how I accidentally got Perseus, my favorite roster HotM.

I save them until:

A chance to get an HotM I want


Halloween’s anti-healer heroes since they are useful versus Field Aid (WR) - one of the few niche heroes that can turn a war rule to the ATTACKERS advantage- and useful against defense team centers that heal.

But my third choice would be Summer since 4* Gafar and 3* Hisan seem like nice heroes.


nice input! thanks :wink:

I am probabely saving them for summer event because I dont have a sand hero yet and they seem to be much better than the rabbits. :slight_smile:

Spring because I can’t wait until summer


I don’t think it will be rabbits or sand again I’m thinking it will be something new but what do I know. Either way I use them when I get them and pulled onetal from a single token this month I got from a elemental chest. I’m not f2p I just don’t have patience or willpower to save them.

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I haven’t been playing long enough to have a lot of direct knowledge of either group of heroes, but I have heard the rabbits are underwhelming and I’m inclined to wait for a better opportunity. That may be sand, it may not. I’ve been saving EHT’s for a while already and I can continue to wait as long as necessary. When the heroes look like a good addition to my roster, I’ll decide how much of my token stock to unload, and then take my chances.

The other factor will be the state of my roster and what heroes I’m working on at the time. Right now I have a backlog of heroes that will be quality additions, so the bar for me to do pulls is relatively high. In a few months that may be very different, whether because I’ve finished those heroes, have different AM’s available, or because the raid challenges / trials of whatever / some other game aspect dictates I should approach roster construction in a different way.

The sand empire (summer event) also help, since they either stop or slow down healing. Great against healer tanks at anytime and when field aid is in play its very useful.

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Forget Kadilen, I want a Lepus druid.



I use the tokens either for seasonal chances st heroes or if i’ve spent my monthly budget and still want the hotm.

I voted for spring, but only because my name means Bunny :wink: . I already have Lepus and Squire Wabbit, I think they are both very good actually.
I’d like to add Jack to my bunny collection. Plus, not going to hold on till summer, it’s taking me a lot of self control to wait until spring…

I save them for desirable HOTM chances but if we’re talking seasonal events, I’d save them for Christmas as Buddy, Rudolph and Mother are top flight and I think Santa’s pretty well received. In reality, you won’t wait so I think the ■■■ kicking rabbits are what would be best for MY team.

20 times up

I am keeping my hero tokens for now, but I don’t know what for exactly…

I have never participated in the easter or summer events (I have only been playing for 4 and a half months). If the heroes in those events are the same ones as last year, I might save them until summer, since they seem better… If they add new ones, then it depends on what I see!

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Hi All,

The RNG gods have blessed me with a pile of Epic Hero Tokens this month. Normally I save Epic Hero Tokens for seasonal events but the spring seasonal heroes (the bunnies) are underwhelming. Does anyone know if SG will introduce new spring seasonal heroes or will they just recycle the bunnies? From a “getting people to spend money” perspective, I tend to think that SG will update the spring heros.

Part of me wants use of the tokens to try to get Onatel. She looks like a blast to raid with.

I don’t think anyone knows for sure, but I would bet that the bunnies will return.

stupid rabbits. worst friggin “new” heroes they’ve created. The sand heroes had bad art but Rana and Gafar are pretty effective.

I voted summer, on the operating assumption that there won’t be any new spring heroes. I already have all the current bunnies, but I’m missing Yunan from the Sand Empire set.
Of course if there’s something new this spring event, that goes out the window, and I strongly suspect that there will be something new added just to get the money of people who already have the last three bunnies.

this is one of the reasons for this topic/poll = to let them know the rabbits are a bad and unappealing idea and step up :wink:

and now that im thinking… perhaps the Alice and Co will emerge :wink:

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