Calm down with all the Beta secrecy



This is a SG forum…not CIA…and even they aren’t safe from secrets being released.

No matter how hard you try to keep future heroes a secret, as long as your beta TESTERS have access to the internet… your coveted HOTM and Event heroes info will never be a secret. There will always be a picture leaked or video posted on youtube…period.

To be honest it is futile to even delete info about HOTM that’s posted in the forum because someone will see it before its deleted and relay what they’ve seen to either someone else from the forum or their alliance…maybe even social media groups pertaining to the game. Also, most of the time that info is NOT necessarily the final stats of that character.

I see so many people acting as if someone committed treason when they post beta information. Regardless if it’s seen in the forum or via somewhere else, it doesnt stop players from playing the game or players that spend money from spending.

If you want beta info to truly stay hidden then only allow ONE person to test the heroes and bind them to a contract that will not allow them to leak beta testing info…if not…then (moderators) stop deleting posts about it and (gamers) stop pointing the finger (snitching) in attempts to bring shame or other action to the people that do.

Now I shall sit back and watch as the finger pointers/finger shakers reply as to why they behave in such a manner as well as the moderators chime in as to why they delete beta info…-sips coffee- :smirk:


Well, do you want to know or not?

Either way, enjoy the coffee :slight_smile:


I still don’t get why it gets deleted and isn’t allowed. Everyone calm down the hero is still in beta. The hero most likely will have some kind of change(s) coming while in beta.


I understand your point.

However, I think that some people are already angry at stat changes from beta to production. Keeping “test” data and “test” applications out of production and somewhat hidden is better in the long run for them because they’ll have happier customers overall.

It is hard, without paying people, to lock them into an NDA in the first place.

It is impossible to force all people who are nearly anonymous on the internet, playing a competitive game worth thousands for some players, from sharing information.

You want beta info? Yes, you will find it somewhere on the internet.

Forum has rules, their rules, on their site. Makes perfect sense.


I dont want nor need Beta info. It doesnt stop me from making a final decision to try to pull for a hero or not. I dont base my decision on beta stats. I dont complain about what I saw from leaked beta info vs final product.

If I see there’s a need for the hero on one of my teams…then I’ll pull for it or use summons tokens.

Unlike most players of the game, I think about the long game. How can that hero be used in the future. That “WHAT IF” factor. I’m playing chess while most are playing checkers.

So beta info or alpha info doesnt matter…its all the same to me


Yeah, thats exactly it.

The fact that don’t touch you or don’t influence your choices doesn’t mean it is the same for all the others.

Beta is beta because of testing. It is logic it is separate from the regular game, both for the gameplay and the feedback.
We saw in the past beta that release information about a hero (or any other thing) before his/her official release it’s not a good thing.

There’s really nothing good coming from it. Only complaints. Or requests. Or useless rumors.
And then when the hero change… OH-MAI-GAWD.
Even worse.

So i’m really glad that Small Giant start to get a little more strict about it.

Yeah, beta testing supposed to not be a players work. They make this decision to allow part of the community to do this, i guess for both advertise new heroes, build a relantionship with their customers and maybe spare some money.

It is the best solution to test a new hero? Probably not, but i’m really glad they choose to do this and i usually try to do my best for it.

Of course some beta player doesn’t care at all, and they just want a spoiler or a hot topic for their blog. It is a bit more difficult now, but still very possible.
But it is not something to just let it be.

If they want to post that information in any other channel there’s little to nothing to do.
But i suspect that this forum is still the best source of informations for all the players, so it is logic that something like that get deleted ASAP.

More it stays here, more is possible it spread faster on the internet, thats for sure.


Of all the theories, I believe it to be for controlling hype\disappointment and spending. In the end its their sandbox, their rules, so it really doesn’t matter.

I can understand it to a point. I am not in beta but I know where to get the info. I was all pumped for Ageir, but then was severely disappointed by the final product. The same story for future heroes who have changed already and I have no idea on their planned release date.


My .02 is always the same - if the forums didn’t lose their sh*t at stuff in beta then they would probably be less strict. This all seemed to happen about when their was a nerf on Zeline and Guin being tested. THE FORUM LOST IT’S ■■■■ MIND. And then nothing happened. I lol’d at that.

Besides - the beta stuff is discussed in the open here, they just don’t want pictures and videos stats, cards and events shared really…why people don’t realize how that is beyond me.