Calling out stupidest deal ever


I have to call it out this is the stupidest deal ever scabbards can be found in the gameplay stages not rare at all. Whoever made this specific deal is getting called out for being stupid!


was about to make this thread, i have been waiting 2 weeks for a sturdy shield deal and theyre putting out scabbards


They were doing good with many thing of the winter theme with a few hiccups. But this is bad. Anyone else agrees with me and Denys should post. “This deal is stupid and the person who made it should feel bad and have a Merry Christmas.”


I second this! I have been waiting for the fourth sturdy shield since August and Melendor was my very first 4*. SG is mocking me. I started to get junks with zero rare ascension material from the last 10 titan loot (incl the titan chest). I was hoping SG will offer sturdy shield when they put Trap Tools, Orb of Magics and Warm Cape for sale in Winter Fun calendar. But NO! Not even a single SS in the teltoc event! And with today they offer a freaking scabbard, make me literally wanna puke!


Yeah I am not purchasing this one. Way undervalued.


Totally agree, SS in my humble opinion are tge hardest to find, expected one today but was offered a scabbard? Didnt take that offer up and saved my money


Is 2$ not only for the gems (cheaper then normal) and the item is just a bonus?


It’s barely cheaper

And they’ve been doing deals where u get 200 gems and an item you can’t farm from regular levels


This is basically it.

People have been asking for cheaper offers in the 1-5 dollar range, and they got them.

200 gems for basically $2 USD is the top rate in game normally.

The scabbard or any other item is just a bonus; like others I have a severe shield shortage (it’s incredibly stupid and SG should fix that but I digress) and was hoping for a sturdy shield with today’s offer, but meh. I’m thinking it’ll get there at some point, but we’re probably also going to get chain mail and battle manual too. /sigh

My big hope is on the 5 days of Christmas, hoping for 1 each of the 4* ascension items but we’ll see.


I was shocked when I saw this - maybe it was the equivalent of a programming typo lol


The going rate for gems is $4.99 for 400 gems. The deal is $1.99 for 200 gems, plus an item (today’s item is a scabbard).

A scabbard is a 3* Ascension item, per my inventory:

If you don’t want these items, save your purchase for another day. :wink:


My guess is the frustration is farmable 3* vs. the other offerings which have all been non-farmable 3 and 4* items.


Guess is not more stupid that the everyday offer to buy a 3* element package, or common items (that you get in all stages) for 250 gems.

Seriously, why?


The most discounted “standard” shop deal (i.e. one that’s available everyday) is $99.99 for 10,000 gems, or a hair under one penny per gem USD. This deal is the same - a hair under one penny per gem USD. So you get the top end gem rate at a much smaller amount, plus a scabbard.

Now many of us don’t need the scabbard and this deal isn’t as good as some of the other 1.99 deals that included a non-farmable 3* ascension item, but it's still, to me, a "good deal". Whether you want to buy it or save for a different “good deal” seems like a personal choice, but to say it’s the “stupidest ever” is a big stretch. It lets people get top end $/gem rates at a smaller purchase.



If you could buy it over and over then it may be “top end gem price”

But 200 gems isn t gonna get you squat


No, it’s top end gem price. 0.01 per gem. the number of them doesn't really matter. It allows people to get that per gem price but not have to spend $99.99 at once. If you were only going to spend the lowest ($4.99 in shop), you would get a substantially worse rate than $0.01 per gem.


Actually top gem price is .99 for 200 gems albeit only during events


Still doesn’t change the fact that they’re trolling us with scabbards :joy::joy::joy::ok_hand::ok_hand:


no it doesn’t.

It also doesn’t change the fact that it’s only $0.01 per gem with a total spend of $2, not $100.


Lot’s of people buy from the store. Most of the ones I know go for the $99.99 since it’s the best available gem bang for the buck.

No, 200 gems in and of itself can’t get you anything…but if you’ve saved gems from previous purchases, daily MV, wanted chest, titan rewards, etc, then you’ll have enough to do something. Most people aren’t sitting on absolute zero gems. Or just save them.