Calling all high end rainbow and close-to-rainbow players

No special teams. I don’t have Cham or Norns or the Cat. Even if I did, I could only use them once in the war. The biggest strength to rainbow is its versatility, just build the team for the opponent I’m facing. Facing a sniper heavy team, bring out the rouges and paladins. Facing a Tellu Onatel combo, bring out the monks and clerics. BK or Krampus, bring in Sonya or Caedmon along with a couple other snipers.
Btw, Sonya and Caedmon are the only dupes I bothered to level up. Switching between cleanser and dispelled is huge.
Always being able to use your 5 best troops is nothing you be sneezed at either.
If you have a mono team of each color, you also have 5 rainbow teams.

I do raid exclusively with rainbow. If anyone interested in video let me know and I can share. Don’t know how to upload one here.

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I use BK, Jade, Onatel, Ariel and Kunch

I also use full ninja team and my standard rainbow team in war. The other 4 teams are 4/1

I’d love to see a vid or 2… I typically upload to youtube and post the link here, are you able to do that? Otherwise I don’t have line but I do have discord.

As mentioned I can raid rainbow with Skadi vs summoner tank very successfully. Against upper-middle teams I can also do fairly well using teams including a mana controller (e.g. Proteus, Zocc), 2 support (healer/buffer/cleanser), 2 attack (sniper, DOT reverser, minion killer, etc). However the non-Skadi teams would struggle against those top ninja, Odin, BK, Frigg, Finley, etc defences which makes transitioning to full rainbow for war difficult for me.

Hope this works


Third one

My standard rainbow team takes down any team. Look at my team. Only hero that does damage with special is onatel. Knight is key. His attack buff allows tiles to hit hit a stack team. With cascade attack bonus, every tile does big damage.

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