Calling all high end rainbow and close-to-rainbow players

Since discovering Skadi and the beauty of playing rainbow I am keen on seeing how far I could take the experience. Why rainbow? For the most part it takes away the concept of a bad board, as there are no “bad tiles”. Now a bad board doesn’t go away entirely - a board with very limited views and/or moves that only match up 3 or 4 tiles at a time would still be considered as bad, as you can’t fill up your mana faster than the opposing heroes. But usually there is enough to work with to be successful (provided you have a good synergy of heroes), more so than when you are more dependent on specific colors. Besides which - it is a totally new way of playing with new tactics, which keeps the game fresh and challenging and fun

Currently I can raid very successfully using a rainbow team including Skadi but it is against Tel similar summoning tanks. The first goal is to get 6 war teams that are either rainbow or 2-1-1-1 that can be highly competitive against Tel-heavy alliances, with the final goal to be able to have 6 teams that can take on non summoning tank teams.

To this end I would like to ask if anyone out there is currently having a high level of success with raids and wars playing rainbow or 2-1-1-1 against teams of TP 4600+(ish), and how they create those teams and the strategies they employ. What I see as ideal is to have one hero with a game changing special (Skadi, Grimble, Snow White are examples I can think of) matched up with 2 healers, a mana controller, and a defense down hero. Hopefully 1 of the above is also able to block or cleanse. Which gets pretty hard (barring a bottomless roster) when trying to create x6. So maybe swap out the game changing special and one of the others with 2 sniping heroes so that 1 enemy hero can be taken out at a time.

So… keen to hear what others are currently doing!


Interesting topic.

In before “mono is da bezst!1!!”

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For me, firstly, Guardian Chameleon is vital to be efficient and effective using rainbow teams. His attack and crit buffs are second to none since the tiles do not benefit from color stacking as there is none. Secondly, your need to forget your current tileplay since you need to move tiles now that will result to a cascade, or several cascades. The more cascades there are, the better of chances of winning, especially when said cascades are under Chameleon’s skills and that there is a progressive increase of tile damage the longer the cascades are. Thirdly, you need to have protection to your entire team, may it be a spirit link (Wilbur, Aegir, Mica), dance of spirit (Gazelle) or taunt (Black Knight, Krampus, Queen of Hearts). You also need to have at least one healer and there are only a few I can see fit to do the job: Raffaele (due to his double healing: first setting it to 50% and second the HoT), Mother North (insta-heal, minion and resurrect). I think the main principle of rainbow attack is to use tiles to kill the enemy, not the heroes’ skills. Heroes’ skills are there to provide boost to tile damage, heroes survivability or longevity, etc.

normal raid = mono

war = mono, 3:2, 4:1, 3:1:1
tournaments like war

I select my teams according to the special rules in wars and tournaments, when mono isn’t the best choice or if I want to counter a scary defender with a specific hero, for example Malo against Black Knight or Mits against Vela and/or Fin.

Mono in raids for the kill speed.

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I really enjoy my anti-summoner tank composed of cKiril - Skadi -cRigard + Kong/vanda against telluria tanks or heavy ailments effects sometimes I switch kong or vanda for seshat if I need a debuff.
In war I use cDomitia and Lady Lock (except for the equalizer for the latter of course) instead cause the other heroes are used on other teams composition.

Otherwise I mostly do 3/2 for raids. In war I have 4 mono one 4/1 and the 2/2/1 mentioned above.

I’m not sure I would enjoy playing rainbow again. It has been a long time and I find it more decisive to be able sometimes to focus on a specific color for activating at least 2 specials.

I sometimes go rainbow, and it works fairly well against teams without healers, whilst taking 2 healers myself.

I usually bring Norns for more weaknesses at the enemy, Grave for the raw damage. Purple is my weaker color so here I bring Victor. As a blue I bring Rafaelle, he synergizes really well with Mother north. Green is Mother North

How I often win is just wither the team down if they have no healer, and usually any casualties I can revive with North and boost up instantly with Rafaelle, since their bulkyness usually means they live long enough to fire.

Battles are long but at a decent success rate. If I’d have better purples I’m sure I’d have more successful at the tougher teams.

Honorable mention to Wu Kong, he does a good job in rainbow teams as well.

No Chameleon, sadly

Agree, for the most part. You want to be triggering multiple combinations in each move otherwise you will lose the mana race to the opponent. However, as always you may want to tread lightly in order not to trigger particularl specials until you have your own counters ready

Sadly, I only have Wilbur there. And other than in the nuclear mono team I have always struggled to use him where he is not a double-edged sword

I think 2 is probably ideal. I do have Raf, but he will be at 3/70 for a while yet

I think this is highly team-dependent. In my Skadi team the goal is to hit the enemy hard enough with one Skadi special, then survive long enough for everyone to bleed out. A team with enough buffers and debuffers could rely on tiles, but you tend to need a LOT of them. I am looking for other options where I can kill through a mix of specials, but the tricky part is the more firepower you bring the more you trade off survivability, and you definitely need that in rainbow

How often do you come across such teams? I imagine its relatively common in raids but n wars I haven’t seen it happen very often at all. Either Tel is tanking and healing, in which case you need to take her out first for this strategy to work, or else there is usually a healer in flank or wing

I was quite disgusted by the prospect of going rainbow again, but after trying it I’m in love with it and its successor the 2-1-1-1 (my Skadi team, which has quite a few similarities to yours - C Kiril pairs with Skadi to ensure minion kills regardless of buffs/debuffs, C Rig and Grazul for healing and ailment counters, and Zocc as a surgical mana controller against the worst of the enemy). Rainbow is actually quite a refreshing and fun challenge, and with the right team greatly recudes the number of ‘bad’ boards.

I’m the spoilsport and throw statistics into the field. With mono you fill up the specs of the individual hero (ignoring individual speed and troops) only a fifth as fast, but all at the same time. The specs of all heroes are theoretically full at the same time for mono and rainbow. To all mathematicians: am I wrong?
Would I play mono or rainbow? It depends on the roster and the opponent.

These kinds of teams are definitely useful in raids

Not necessarily. Take for example my rainbow or 2-1-1-1 Skadi team. To win with this team I typically need to fill up with blue tiles and get a good hit on the opponent’s minions. On a ‘bad’ blue board, it may take a very long time for there to be enough blue tiles - by which stage my team would be dead if I brought a team that was solely or largely dependent on blue tiles. However, in rainbow or 2-1-1-1, the other colours have had many chances to fill up (possibly multiple times) and this can be enough to buy time for Skadi to finally fill up.

Right, it can be. Even in a normal distribution, the specs of individual heroes in rainbow are of course full earlier than the mono team. But also late. As I said, statistics. Not that serious. In the end, RNG rules. :wink:

Yes it works mainly for raids. In wars it’s indeed less effective. However if they have a healer on the wing like they often do in war, it can still work. After everyone is dead you can just focus on the healer, but your hitters need to have survived or else you have that annoying stalemate where the timer screws you over.

Healer tanks are a different story, I think you can only rainbow those with heal steal or heal block heroes.

I do agree with the sentiment that attacking rainbow is more fun than stacking, because luck plays less part and skill is a more deciding factor.

Besides, in raids I prefer a red mono team. RNG doesn’t suit me at the moment.

Skadi is an exception to this… but I don’t have 6 Skadiis. I have 2 Grimbles, who could potentially work in the right circumstances. But at the end of the day I may just lack the roster to pull it off 6 effective war teams

RPG…? Do you mean RNG?

For sure! :rofl: Thanks! Will correct that!

But don’t you think that RNG is more of a factor in mono than rainbow? Assuming both teams you have are effective and have good synergy?

I play rainbow only in pvp matches because I have just one team working. For war or tournaments I use most of the time some 3-2, 3-1-1, 2-2-1 combos.

My rainbow pvp team is:
Hel - Vivi k - Vanda - Vela - Telluria

All at least +18, and with useful manatroops. With this team I get everything I need, 2x heal, 2x mana control, immunity, deff down, atk down, heal steal, dispel. I’m raiding high diamond and probably do 90% of my raids with this team. I have a second mono red team for some defenses.

First try was because 5 teams aren’t enough for me (1 lvl team, one deff team, one Titan team and only two teams left for pvp) and I was to lazy changing my team every raid :grimacing:
So I was looking for a team capable of beating every opponent and after some testing with mono teams I started using rainbow teams more often.
I’m now playing rainbow maybe two or three months and don’t think I will change my system in the near future. I’m sure sometimes I will get bored of rainbow teams and will try something new, but at the moment I am happy with it.

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