Calling all farming data collectors

I’m currently aware of at least four different projects that collected farming data, and I just had this ?brilliant? ?stupid? idea that I could aggregate the data from them all, and create an improved farming guide out of it.

If you have personally collected data from hundreds (or thousands) of farming runs, and are willing to share, or if you know of others, get in touch with me here or on @ Line ID barrywuzhere


@Rook do you know of more? I’m already completely embedded in hdm’s farming guide as you probably noticed.

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Dear crom, yes!!!

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@coppersky may know them all. I’m attached to HDM’s group at the moment. :slight_smile:


what is this HDM group sir? im just new

This spreadsheet is a work in progress. As more data is collected, the information on this spreadsheet can and will change:

There is also a Line group associated for people interested in contributing.


Orayt thanks, i really need this one. Cheers!!!

Geez, if I had known this was out there, I wouldn’t have started my own!
Although, it is a little awkward to read TBH.

Would be interesting to compare data. I found running too many runs took away from the statistics as a lot of items randomly appear making all levels appear to be good for farming most items.

Anyway, here’s the One drive link to my offering.!ArW_MPQCRK9Ygq1jyVJJB5iJsq9nDQ


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Looks like I need a full subscription to read that file; when I try to open it, it complains about it being over 5MB. Can you import it into Google Sheets or contact me privately to email me an excel file (Line ID barrywuzhere)?

Are you fussy about format and\or patch version?

I have detailed data for about 1000 runs from the summer ( I stopped collecting as I had all the data I personally needed) for zones below

Zone Runs
6.8 101
7.4 134
7.5 123
8.7 211
12.9 101
13.6 100
13.9 44
17.1 67
20.4 32

But I ony recorded items of use to me as below

Item 6.8
Crude iron 0.15
Dragon Bone 0.013
Firestone 0.05
Grimoire Dust 0.036
hero1* 0.17
hero2* 0.033
Lumber 0.036
Meteor Fragment
Midnight Root 0.046
Nugget 0.010
Ore 0.07
Pack 0.16
Steel 0.030
troop1* 0.04
troop2* 0.007
troop point(30/90) 1.78
hero points 45.74
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What’s hero1, hero2? I’m curious. :slight_smile:

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1* and 2* hero drops lol

Drink more coffee rook


Clarification…it’s a beautiful thing!

@Devil123 Do you have data on Season 2 (Atlantis) also?

Nope, I did enough data on S1 to establish 4+ flag zones were not cost effective. so stopped there. I don’t think S2 is better in that respect (except maybe for packs in province 1).

I’d love to see S2 data but sadly I’m unlikely to record\add any to that part of the effort.

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This would need to be more of a crowdsourced effort.

The major data collection projects include all item drops per level (all crafting items and all farmable ascension items) as well as food/iron/recruits/heroes/troops, so that’s the kind of data I’m looking for. If you only tracked the “interesting” crafting items, I can totally understand it, but I don’t think it works well for this project.

Thanks though!

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