Calling all ducks!

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I know, right? We paid $5 a month because we didn’t want to sit around and wait a week for one builder to finish upgrading a building. Certainly don’t want to sit around staring at our base screen for several minutes waiting for some dumb ducks to appear. :grin:



One non-dumb duck reporting for duty.


Elena: M R ducks
Richard: M R not
Elena: M R so…C D E D B D feet? C D E D B D toes? M R ducks
Richard: …

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Apologies. I didn’t mean to insinuate that ducks are dumb. :worried:

They’re not, they are beautiful creatures. I will now check my unduck privilege before replying further on the subject.


Aflac. :fist:


Not offended, just meant it wasn’t dumb in the sense that it was making a noise. This is after all what the thread is about, sort of.

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Thread is about a way to summon the ducks. So that we can kill them. Kind of savage if you think about it.

But then, villagers have to eat too. Otherwise they won’t have the energy to wave back when we tap on them.


The usual way to summon a duck is with a decoy, which sounds like a duck. If ducks didn’t sound like anything how could you decoy them? Aha!

Nice picture btw.


LOL! Yes, I am familiar with duck hunting, and duck sounds. There is a lake right outside of my apartment, there are usually a bunch of ducks all over the ducking place here. :grin:

Picture isn’t mine, it’s a company logo (don’t work for or own the company, I probably now owe them a bunch of money… either that or they owe me a bunch of money for the free advertising I just gave them… not sure how that all works…)


But then if “if it sounds like a duck…” is true, is it true then the decoy would be a bona fide duck!!

Ducks need more non lead love…

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Copyright Lawyer apparates and mutters “Fair use” before disappearing back to his home, the When Suddenly thread.

Shameless promotion here. Recruiting posters now!


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