Call him from an alliance -> New "One Tap Join Alliance Feature" - New in V28

Then it’s possibly the message of being accepted after sending a join inquiry.

Last summer I played in my personal alliance (just me and another person). Once I got an invitation to another alliance. It was surprising, as I was completely unaware of such a possibility. I’ve never seen something like that again. It was definitely not a request to join my alliance.


It’s a programmed invitation from the game itself

And not an actual invite someone sent out from that alliance

If i had to guess.

@zephyr1 @JonahTheBard any insight here?


Would be cool if that was a beta leak of a recruitment feature.

The alliance message should be that nice, too with multiple heroes to choose from, at least one of each element.

@Hassan1, are in an alliance now? If yes, then how big your alliance is?

The only possibly related change in the release notes is

I don’t know how it was more than one tap before :man_shrugging:t3:

So… I don’t know, is the honest answer

@petri @kiraSG


Hi all,

This is indeed the new “one tap alliance join feature”. Essentially it “pops up” for players who are not in an alliance and suggests possible alliances to join.

This is instead of having to search for an alliance or hang out in one of the in-game chats looking (hence one-tap join)

As @Rigs said, it was tested in beta & introduced in Version 28 update.

It’s also not a personalised invitation but is a system generated invite which makes use of the suggested/ nominated alliance Banner & Name etc…

As far as I understand it, the alliance listed is random BUT is “open” and of low enough trophy requirement.

I don’t believe that “invite only” alliances are added to this features Pool.


Do you know the alliance name? That looks like a personal note from an alliance with a dragon head on orange background as their alliance logo.

Nevermind. See @Guvnor’s post above this one…or @zephyr1’s below.

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It looks like the new UI that was tested in Beta for periodically prompting people who aren’t in an alliance to join a random one.

And the Release Notes do mention that having been included in Version 28:


Tryin to say i can’t read?


How could I possibly be sure you’d understand my response to that? :face_with_monocle:


He’s keeping up pretty well so far :wink:


My mom translates for me


good evening An ally received this on her account , however i would like information about how i can use this. Following image

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You can’t, it’s the game randomly picking an ‘open’ alliance when someone isn’t in one.

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@RCS, see my response & answer to this in Post 16

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I was just in global chat & saw a “free agent” player say he got 2 invites today. Many of my fellow leaders & I inquired how that was done. All we saw in reply was it’s a feature in the new update. I have updated, & I cannot find a way to invite someone in-game. Please let me know if it’s possible, & I’ll go back to global chat & fill everyone in.

Yea when I left my alliance the other day I had this pop up immediately before entering any global chat or anything. New to me. (I cropped the top of screenshot)