Calendar schedule change

So current schedule is:
week 1: AR - thursday - saturday - for most players it’s very busy but it’s shorter than other events
week 2: monthly challenge event - thursday - monday - definitely the busiest one but followed immediately by costume event
week 3: costume event - monday - wednesday, tavern of legends - thursday - monday - not so busy
week 4: valhalla - thursday - saturday - nothing to do here really!

Not sure if it’s just me but the most “busy” events seem to be monthly challenge one (since a lot of fights to win) and AR (since it gives best rewards for farming so I save all my WE refills and only use them during AR). Valhalla event is a bit less busy as you are not forced to finish anything within the timeframe. Both costume event and tavern of legends are super quick - only a few fights to win.

The problem is one of the busiest events is one of the shortest, and other busiest one is immediately followed by next one giving you no breath between them. Finally - the valhalla event which should be the most interesting as is related to release of new content can be skipped completely without losing any rewards as you would be able to play and claim them later for exactly the same cost.

I would suggest to spread this better over the course of the month:

  1. Make AR longer - ending on monday morning
  2. Make tavern of legends shorter - ending on saturday, when the costume event could then start and end on monday - or the other way round.

Alternatively, the costume event could land somewhere between the tavern and valhalla as these two are less “busy” event.

Other approach would be to push the costume event to last weekend, maybe even make it a bit longer in terms of how many fights are there to fight (same could be done with tavern) and skip valhalla event completely. Not sure why there is a need for special limited time event for valhalla since it does not affect the map costs or you are not forced to finish any content within that timeframe. The valhalla summon, as well as atlantis summon, costume summon etc. could simply be available all the time since you can get coins for these summons at any time anyway (from POV etc.).

OF course, the valhalla event could be altered to be similar to AR - cheaper map costs, better rewards during valhalla week. That would make this event actually matter to players and you would have something to do over this weekend (farming would become more profitable, just like during AR). This might be event better as this way you would not have to squeeze all world energy into one short weekend period that ends on saturday evening when lots of players would prefer to be offline :wink:


Thanks for this thread. I came on here to suggest a schedule change to break-up Atlantis Rising and the Challenge Event.

I’d proposed to swap taverns and the challenge event. That puts a weekend in between that is fairly chill.

Both of Atlantis Rising and the Challenge Event are grinders. During Atlantis Rising you blow all your WE flasks and just keep autoplaying your favorite farming level. During the Challenge event you need to beat 45 stages and then you grind it out on Rare-3 which takes forever but is super beneficial farming.

Taverns is fun but isn’t a huge time commitment. You play the levels and then do whatever farming you do anyways.

Can you say more about “rare-3”? What is that? Looks like I missed sth.

I’m guessing it’s stage 3 on the rare challenge quest it’s gives the most experience for the least world engery. 1-we 975-exp

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