Calendar offer June no no

Isn’t this the usual end-of-month 30$ offer…but less?!

Where did 200 gems and some epic pulls go?

Am I wrong, or is this a cut?

This is a huge cut because you get the extra ascension items. 2800 Gems plus the 3 Epic hero tokens is worth the $29.99 alone in my opinion. I bought it and I plan to buy every thing they offer during the event

It’s not a cut, but an escalation. I’ve expected the calendar to be filled with little deals, like yesterday: 200 gems and trap tools. Sweet, done. I spend more on coffee…

Today it’s suddenly an order of magnitude higher, both in cost and rewards. The overall value is there, but the price is 10x higher. This changes—not for the good—how I’ve seen these calendar offers.

K-doc, you see it as an escalation from the previous two offers in this event calendar while nosaj03 sees it as a bigger and better deal. I on the other hand see it as a dimunition of the previous offers while inflated to disguise that.

So far the deals were at a penny per gem with a non-farmable bonus. This offer is less gems per penny with two tokens seeming to make up the difference. But this offer at this price has been a regular monthly deal with 3000 gems and the extras.

I think the devs had a screw-up here as I am seeing complaints in the bugs and issues forum where the on-screen offer was $26.99. The issue was IOS charged $29.99. Guessing it could be this deal was bumped up so no refunds were necessary.

I am not calling any names or accusing there, just reporting and, yes, assuming.

Fair point; I think there are two distinct questions about this deal:

  • Does it provide value for $29.99? We’re used to seeing 3000 gems for this price, not 2800, but two epic and three troop tokens are big-ticket items. I agree, though, that they’re exploring breaking the “penny a gem, plus” model.
  • Is it consistent with the calendar idea? My understanding, from a marketing perspective, of these calendars is that SG would extract a lot of money in little bits. There are many players who will toss in a bit here and there; by giving them that opportunity daily, SG can pull in a lot of cash. But here SG seems to be testing how much they can pull on a “daily deal” that is an order of magnitude higher than before.

Neither development is making me happy.


Yeah, I see you are looking at this as more of an expansion on the previous sG calendar sales, but I thought it was an existing monthly promotion.

It is the complaints in bugs forum that are confusing. Did sG mean this to be a better deal?

Guess we will never know, but it kept my wallet shut. Previously, I had bought the monthly 29.99 deal and budgeted for it.

The closest offer I get (they don’t give everyone the same offers) to this is the “Grow Your Army” offer. I usually get it in the middle of the challenge events. That GYA offer is better than this. I was thinking of buying a Damascus Blade offer but not going for this one. I’m hoping the Mystic Rings offer is better than this.

I am one of those who bought it for $26.99 and was charged for $29.99. I thought maybe i was seeing things. Knowing I wasn’t is bittersweet. Imo that’s called stealing and i am not okay with it.

Did you contact support about it? This is a known issue:

I too am one that saw the $26.99 and purchased before being charged $29.99

I tried but the form said i need to send the receipt as an attachment and while tying to figure out how to do that my phone deleted all my emails…

There really should be more instructions—i have no idea how to attach an email from my iphone

you need to download the receipt or copy it into a document. You can’t attach an email unless you copy and paste.

How do i do that? I’m very new to smartphones.

Ah! I just found my emails—they weren’t deleted! Now if i can figure out how to download the receipt email maybe i can actually send the ticket.

Is there an attachment receipt attached to it? Then you can just download it. If this is the case skip the next paragraph.

It is trickier on a smart phone to be honest. If you have a PC you can open your email there. Copy the receipt and paste it into a word document for example. Then save the word document and email it to yourself. Open the email and download it on your smartphone. Remember where it goes.

I have an app called file browser by astro which is like an explorer on your computer so that may help. Then you should be able to attach it from there.

I may be an old guy, but emails can be forwarded.

But he needs to attach the receipt to the support ticket. That’s where it gets tricky.

Is an I pho e to smart to have an attachment icon

It isn’t the icon. It all comes down to how the receipt from the store is sent to him.

On your smartphone if you hold your finger on the receipt you should get a pop up where you can select all. Copy that. It will go into the clipboard on the phone. Hold your finger on the support ticket and paste it.

That should be good enough for them as it would have all the info.

Thank you rockstar! I forwarded it to my normal email on my computer and followed your instructions. I hit submit onthe ticket and the button faded out but so far nothing else has happened. I’m keeping my fingers crissed that it worked

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