Calendar of Events November 2022 Discussion

Continuing the discussion from Calendar of Events for November 2022 :spiral_calendar::

For thoughts pertaining to the November calendar!

A couple things stuck out to me, was expecting ninja tower based on how long that has been and do not see soul exchange here.


soul exchange for december

I too was waiting for the magic tower or ninja at the palce of styx which came out in September if I’m not mistaken


Didn’t we have Styx already last tower? Ninja and magic no longer pulling in money?


Yeah. Styx was in September. Followed by AQ in October.

My guess is the Styx portal didn’t bring in as much money as Zynga hoped. Based on forum posts, I suspect that enough players held on to their coins, waiting for Charon.

Styx Troop portal would have done well by the number of maxed Styx troops in defence. But troop summons doesn’t bring in as much money as hero summons.

Either that or Zynga/SGG is planning new heroes for Ninja Tower. Maybe a new ninja or ninja costumes.


I’m wondering when in such situation will be next Towet of Magic and next AQ?

14.12 Ninja???
11.01 Magic???
08.02 AQ??

any idea?

I wonder if Covenant Quest comes together with the portal this time or are they still keeping those separated for god knows what reason.

Tower of Styx second time in a row meaning that there’s really no point in having any kind of expectation for what will be featured and when as the event rotation is completely off the cycle these days.

Lack of Soul Exchange is not cool.


Maybe Styx heroes will get a buff for their 2nd appearance ? :thinking:

In addition to Charon entering live game.

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September Styx
October AQ
November Styx
December ??? :woman_shrugging:t2:

The event order is jumbled up now. I would wait for the monthly calendar and then decide how to proceed.

Well I don’t see those Styx heroes much in the game so probably in their heads it’s already the message “oh no these heroes are too weak we have to buff them to nightmare”.

Not like the calendar was so crowded with new stuff around the first appearence of this I didn’t even notice them, not to say have a budget.


No, it will be only quest again…

Well, the heroes released in the first wave of Styx were not that appealing, especially for defense. With Erebus being the really bad one - despite being hardly criticized in beta, no change to his mechanic was made. So no surprise, that pulls were not that huge and we don’t see conditional snipers in defense. The next batch will be much better because only good heroes are left.

In terms of SE, I can’t complain that it’s moved. Since the disgusting price increase, my spendings went down immensely, so every time more to get to 20 souls is welcomed.


I’m saving my ETT for magic troops. I always prioritize the mana troops and magic are very good on it


Annoyed by the change of date of the exchange of Souls, for something good and free they damage it like Atlantis


Styx troops have 20% mana too. And Bypass.


Exactly, and Bypass is imho way better than the healing bonus from the magic troops, so Styx troops are currently the best in the game.

Bypass is better than healing, but they also have less attack and defense… Also not every hero needs bypass (taunt and healers)… so IMO I’d prioiritze a magic troop set before Styx unless if you know you will always use a hitter in every color on defense and never any taunt/healer.


Good point! But well, for defense I use my 29/30 mana troops anyways; the competition for the new troops happens for the secondary troops for my mono squads… these are between 11-17 lvl and it’s a long way ahead - I don’t even have a set of magic/styx for all the colors, not to mention a couple of them!

So basically the new troops matter for me the most on the attack teams only. Mana speed is a priority there → then bypass always better than heal bonus.

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Yeah my goal is to get a magic set to 29 for defense, slowly getting there… I am missing red/yellow though so kinda disappointed they are messing with the tower event rotation, means an additional month til I can attempt to get magic troops.

Is there perhaps a calendar that takes into account what tournaments are coming up next month?

Does anyone knows who will be featured in S5 next month :thinking: