Calendar of Events for Nov & Dec 2021 Announced - Discussion

So is there going to be some way to still summon the 3 and 4 star heroes from all the old events? The 5 stars are already in HA10 but it sure seems like they need to up those probabilities now there is no more event summons. Would rather have the old 5 in rotation just to give some variety and now not be in the same boat as before with the same challenges over and over.

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I hope soooo I really hope

The originals were actually 10 to start with. They expanded them to 15 later.


Currently it’s only the first generation of challenge event heroes that are in the hero academy.

They could add the second generation and change the train rare/epic levels into retrains.

I’m sure there will be a dedicated Summon Portal for these heroes coming along. They may not be the cash cows they once were, but plenty of people still want them since they are either newer to the game or just unlucky.

I’m a new player. I was very hooked on this game. I am also worried that 3 * and 4 * will not get a chance and I never had because I started the game too late. :disappointed_relieved:

Edit: I add a new separate topic: New place for old heroes 3*,4* from retired events


This is very interesting!!

Obviously the answer is no.
Why buff anything? When people spend fortunes to pay for buffs with a costume.
#nospend ahhaha… whoooooooo

But the interesting thing is…Krampus is getting a costume. I mean, of all the heroes who need the…
ahem… uh… buff.
Krampus needs that, right guys?
Sands got one. Francine got one.

Are these retired event heroes relegated to certain death? Or will they get costumes also in the "somewhere" portal? Or… just… no?

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I’m guessing costumes of some sort, they already designed some like Finley, we know from Salmon Loki they aren’t going to waste the art design time invested.

So maybe a new costume chamber for event heroes like taverns… or added to existing costume chamber as costumes are made?

Who knows, details will come when the event is created.

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Yeah I expect new events to expand to 15 stages when they add more heroes to the portal. Good example is ninjas moving to 75 stages with added heroes to mimic the magic tower.

Valhalla is 48 hours in anouncement text vs. 60 hours in the picture. Which one is correct?

Interesting it says the Xmas and Atlantis costumes will be available in HA!

Please can you update the avatars, hope it can be considered.

Twenty thank yous for all that you do and the calendars too.

Finally something +ve. Thx.

In my opinion there is only two acceptable solutions to the heroes from the retiring challenge events.

  1. Add them to Training Camps and Hero Academy
  2. Replace the old boring season 1 heroes in all future challenge event portals with them

No no no no no to adding them to the legends summon, that’s the worst summon in the game. I’m already planning on quitting this game at the conclusion of season 4 if things don’t change for the better. F up this decision and I leave immediately.

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That will be a good day when you really do exit :joy:

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You can search the 2019 and 2020 Black Friday events on the forum. 2020 Black Friday Mega Sale — Discussion.



I did find that black knight graphic used for black Friday funny, good play on character for the deal.

He could reduce your summon though via Dawa down to a value of $0.01, it’s just a pocket wound!


Challenge Festival sounds interesting. Likely it’s a chance to summon heroes from the challenge events being retired. You can already get those heroes in Tavern and from HA10. Lots of opportunity for a cool event, potentially taking levels from all five retired events. It all comes down to the execution.

Thanks for the heads-up on all this Petri! I’m looking forward to hearing about the festival.


In other words, this depends on how long NO-SPEND will take. If the Community will give up now we will have a great opportunity to get them frm a new shiny portal, if we stay strong then probably they will be added to HA or lvl 20 training camp.