Calendar of Events for January 2023 πŸ—“οΈ

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:spiral_calendar: Schedule

2022-12-29T07:00:00Z→2023-01-02T07:00:00Z: Challenge Event - Sanctuary of Gargoyles
2023-01-02T07:00:00Z→2023-01-05T07:00:00Z: Covenant Quest
2023-01-02T07:00:00Z→2023-01-07T07:00:00Z: War of Three Kingdoms
2023-01-05T07:00:00Z→2023-01-09T07:00:00Z: Tremors of Underwild
2023-01-09T07:00:00Z→2023-01-11T07:00:00Z: Atlantis Rises
2023-01-11T07:00:00Z→2023-01-16T07:00:00Z: Ninja Tower II
2023-01-16T07:00:00Z→2023-01-19T07:00:00Z: Valhalla Forever
2023-01-19T07:00:00Z→2023-01-23T07:00:00Z: Season V
2023-01-19T07:00:00Z→2023-02-06T07:00:00Z: Seasonal Event: Lunar New Year
2023-01-23T07:00:00Z→2023-01-26T07:00:00Z: Tavern of Legends
2023-01-26T07:00:00Z→2023-01-30T07:00:00Z: Challenge Event - Challenge Festival I
2023-01-30T07:00:00Z→2023-02-01T07:00:00Z: Mythic Titan
2023-01-30T07:00:00Z→2023-02-02T07:00:00Z: Contest of Elements


As always, the above schedule is accurate at the time of publication, but may be affected by future updates and/or unforeseen live service issues. We will of course update this post if any changes are made.