Calendar for upcoming events [Staff Response in Post #24]

So, I tried for Owl like as I wanted him but didnt get him. Ended up with 2 Jackals. After that, I decided not to spend any more and decided to wait for whevever Guineviere comes out.

I hear Jackal is good! Good call, only one more month to goooooo~

Hey guys,

I also have a question on upcoming events:

How does Atlantis fit in this schedule? Due having Atlantis summons in January (and being only player since end of december) I’m totally unaware of what event upcoming next…?

This (the calendar for the current month) is something we are planning to do at some point in the near future. :slight_smile:

Edit: Just to clarify that this would be published on the forum.


Good news
Thank’s Petri

No dates I want dates rotation nice but doesn’t help when dates matter. What’s in march

March will be Grimforest.


Ok. Is it also true what global chat had also stated 3-4 people in it. That guardians of teltoc will be after grimforest in the same month??

Not in the same month, but the following month.

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Thanks. Still a little frustrating to be mislead but good to know. Why does one of the events go on three different months but the others only on two different months?

There are 5 events, which are simply on a rolling monthly rota, so it evens itself out.

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There should be an IN GAME calendar that lists all major events (rare events, challenge events, Atlantis, seasonal events) exactly like in this post
It only needs to show the current month and the next month.
I am tired of all the posts asking ‘when does X start’ and this would put an end to all of those.


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