Calculation of Alliance Wars Score – what is War Matchmaking based on? Do trophies, Titan score, or alliance score count? [SPOILER: No.]

Cup dropping shouldn’t really affect war matchmaking.

It’s based on player squads and previous record

The only thing I think gives a disadvantage is if you have lots of unlevelled 5* that gives a false impression of your strength.


So, the pairing considers the 30 strongest heroes of each player?

As I understand it, your top 30 heroes, and top 5 troops are counted. Also considers past war performance.

I don’t know what percentage each one adds towards the final score or figures into the matching process.

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There is a rather huge discussion going on in this thread


There’s a 40 point card premium for 5* vs 4*–plus the stat differential on on those unleveled 5* heroes. Once you put a little leveling on a 4* (or a lot of leveling on a 3*), it will surpass the unleveled 5* in your roster.

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Could you tell me if this thread is the DEFINITIVE thread to answer that age old question/debate regarding how the war scores are not based on titans or cups?

I think this thread is excellent for that specific question, because the thread title is explicitly that (which I set), and this post is very near the top (you’ll notice it’s been linked several other places):


It would be very nice if someone can explain me this:

Last war - my alliance 24 members, 22 participate in war, vast majority around level 40-45, and most players defense team power between 3500 and 3800… Opponents - 24, members, over half of them levels over 45, vast majority had defense teams over 3800… Both alliances had war score 293k… We thought that we were going to loose to them, but somehow we managed to get a close win…
After the war, our alliance has war score 299,5k, as expected since we won the AW. Now comes the tricky part: opponent alliance lost a member, lost a war, yet their AW score increased to 320k…

Maybe they made some internal changes?
Meaning someone from the alliance dicided to join the war effort after the war finished.

They had to loose some points due to one player participated in the AW left/being kicked, and some points due to a loss in the AW, right? They had two “spare” members that did not participate in the AW, that could opt in for the AW after the war was finished. So, could two members opting in increase AW score over 30k (even more, since they lost one member, and lost AW)?

Depends on how strong the members are compared to the rest of the alliance.

How do they determine who gets matched with whom? This last war was absolutely stacked for the opposing team! They were all (except one) over 3000+ strong and less than half our teams are that strong. We have only won one war out of the last 4 wars! And we were never stacked that badly against our opponents! I am team leader and right now we have quite a few members that want to quit playing because of the unfairness!

It’s explained in this thread


@WiscDusty It’s based on your War Score, which includes:

Okay, this post says that war history has a “minor” impact, and in most cases I believe this is correct. Usually when my alliance wins, our score goes up by about 1-2k and our opponent drops about 1-2k, but there was one war where we beat an alliance that had a much higher overall TP, and we beat them by a lot, and afterwards their war score dropped over 10k points. Is it because they presumably lost several wars in a row? Or because they were expected to win, and didn’t? (if it was a sports / horse race / Vegas bet, the odds of us winning would have been 99 to 1) Or was there some other factor at play? I checked their alliance after the war ended, none of their members quit or anything like that. Is it possible that one of their members just fed all of their best heroes to Aife out of frustration? :laughing:

Someone may have opted out of War afterwards.

Or sure, Aife got hungry. :laughing:

Hmm, yeah that would make sense. I think there were a couple who didn’t use flags. Leader probably wasn’t too happy with them (I certainly wouldn’t be, I run a tight ship).


They may have also been automatically opted out in that case. If you don’t use flags two Wars in a row, you’re opted out until you opt yourself back in.

Losing Wars due to lack of flag usage is the worst…

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Ohh, I didn’t know that. Awesome feature though. That way you don’t have to necessarily kick someone out of the alliance to get them off of the war roster (sometimes people are gone for vacation or whatever, kicking members is always a tough call).

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