Calculation of Alliance Wars Score – what is War Matchmaking based on? Do trophies, Titan score, or alliance score count? [SPOILER: No.]

Oh, talents. I’m kinda in a wait-and-see mode since I don’t have enough emblems to do much yet…

But giving them to a 2* would be a complete waste long term. After you’ve played a while, even maxed 2* heroes are only good to be food for your real heroes, and giving them a talent is just a waste of emblems, food and iron–They still won’t be better than a 3* hero.

3* heroes I would only give a talent promotion to if I was a fanatic rare challenge player. (i.e. if I already had 5 Balthazar’s maxed that I used trying to get #1 in rare challenges, I might consider giving emblems to one of them, maybe more.)

I expect that a 4* hero with talent maxed will be about similar to a 5* hero … so I’d only do it for singular 4* heroes that I don’t have a 5* hero who can do the same job, and that’s a very short list. The ones I can come up with right now are:

  • Wu Kong (for people who don’t have Tarlak)
  • Wilbur
  • Jackal and Falcon

Other good 4* heroes might be worth considering giving emblems to if I were less patient on my path to getting 5* heroes…but I really wouldn’t normally give them to 3* heroes, and cannot see any good reason to give them to 2* (or 1*) heroes other than just to prove a point, or as a joke like the person who did a cup dropping defense team with 5 maxed Sharan’s…

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Thank you Barry, you have been really helpful.

Going back to Rigs comment quoted above, which are good Titan heros? Please also advise which heroes I can use having the roster I posted above. I always try using Valen to drop down the Titan’s defence but many times he dies before that if I don’t get enough stuns. I guess that mana burners also help. Finally, I guess some battle items might be good to use, but which?

Grimm kiril buddy brienne for sure

As for 3*, @RandaPanduh @_John_Doe would be better advisors

I haven’t used 3* in over a year so I’m way out of touch for that

I normally triple stack titans strong color though(if titan is purple, i bring 3 yellows) and a healer then another wildcard which is typically wu but would be brienne in your case

Defense debuffers, attack buffers, and heros with high attack stats are normally considered titan heros in my opinion

If you can survive your current titans using turtle banners, axes, and health pots then leave healer at home and bring a 4th hero in titans strong color(again if titan is purple, then strong color is yellow)

Titan items:
Health pots
Turtle banners
Attack banners
Mana pots
Dragon banners

The less/cheaper items you can use to get by, the better

If you can get by on small health pots, take those over the next size up. If you can get by with axes over bombs then axes are the way to go.

It’ll take practice and tactic but you’ll get a routine down soon

Always look at titans special skill before attacking:

This is another thing that hints at which battle items to bring.

If titan special lowers defense, bring turtle banners
If titan lowers attack, bring bear banners
If titan blinds or causes DoT, bring tiny antidotes(super antidotes are a huge waste)

Granted u could always just carry small dotes as a cure all, but if you can combat the special skill with a buffer banner instead then i would

Normally my 4 items consist of:
Axes turtle banners mid or large health potions(not super health potions) and mana potions

Then swap out according to what heros i can bring and what titan we’re facing but those are my basic 4

When firing special skills(i set my heros up in this order as well):

AttackBuffer DefenseDebuffer wildcard wildcard wildcard(wu if you have him)

Hope this helps

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Valen and brienne - mana up these 2 if you have tiles for titan available
+3 strong titan color stack

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Can the developers please tell me exactly what is used to match up War opponents please?

@Prasa Alliances are matched based on War Score.

Here’s what that Score includes:

It is NOT based on:

  • Alliance Score
  • Trophies
  • Titan Score

As none of those are included in the War Score.


If this is what it is based on why are we always so out matched in war? We are very good at communicating with each other and tag-teaming. Therefore, we can win some of the wars we are very outmatched in, but that also tells me you are putting way more weight on past wars then is being stated.

Just to first clarify, I’m just a fellow player. :slight_smile: The Developers rarely respond to Forum posts.

You will tend to get more difficult matches as you win consecutive Wars, but it’s not typically a radical change.

The bigger component to success in War in my experience (and what the components of War Score tell us) is a mix of your own strategy — which it sounds like you’re managing well — and the strategies of your opponent.

Since you’re “winning some of the wars [you] are very outmatched in,” it’s a good indication your alliance is particularly effective at War. That does mean you’ll tend to get matched with alliances “in your league.”

And when those alliances play well too, and also have effective strategy and communication…you might lose sometimes.

Is alliance war matchmaking still based off of Titan scores?

@HakunaMatata No, Titan scores are not included in War Score or matchmaking.


I wanted to express my dis pleasure with the last month of wars in my alliance . We work good together and communicate well but our opponents have been way bigger then us and seen to keep getting stronger and sadly we have only won 2 out if last 6 maybe 7 wars and alot were pretty close. For example this war that ended early a.m. eastern time zone had about equal war score (170k) and a lower titan score but 12k more trophies , we currently have 22/30 members they had 21/30 so about even . Here is what’s interesting out of all the members for us and them starting with my alliance we have 9 members over 3k and I’m the only one over 3500 the lowest being around 1900 but our war opponent had 18 of 21 members all above 3k out of those 18 , 11 were above 3500 and 2 above 4k which left 5 of then between 3k-3500 and the 3 under 3k were 26, 28 and 2900 so very strong team . Again for us 1 over 3500 and 8 from 3k-3500 then the rest go from 1900-2950 for us. So tell me how in the heck was our war scores even and my alliances titan score higher then theres when they man handled us in war they reset our teams once each half we couldn’t do it to them any and ended up losing by 600 pts , out of the top 12 war attackers my group only had 3 of top 12 spots which were myself finished 1st overall, my team mate who was 2nd best for us was 9th overall and then our 3rd player was 12th . I mean they were twice as strong as us but we had same war score so something in the system is definitely flawed and has been because this is becoming a normal routine for my group. So anyone with any info , thoughts or ideas I would love to hear some thoughts please.

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What is happening with the pairings? all the opponents in the wars are lowering cups. it does not match the level of the alliance points they have with the true power of the alliance. please! How can pairing be improved?

Cup dropping shouldn’t really affect war matchmaking.

It’s based on player squads and previous record

The only thing I think gives a disadvantage is if you have lots of unlevelled 5* that gives a false impression of your strength.


So, the pairing considers the 30 strongest heroes of each player?

As I understand it, your top 30 heroes, and top 5 troops are counted. Also considers past war performance.

I don’t know what percentage each one adds towards the final score or figures into the matching process.

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There is a rather huge discussion going on in this thread


There’s a 40 point card premium for 5* vs 4*–plus the stat differential on on those unleveled 5* heroes. Once you put a little leveling on a 4* (or a lot of leveling on a 3*), it will surpass the unleveled 5* in your roster.

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@princess1 Merged, but to Calculation of Alliance Wars Score – what is War Matchmaking based on? Do trophies, Titan score, or alliance score count? [SPOILER: No.] instead, which is more directly relevant. :slight_smile:

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@zephyr1 @Garanwyn

I like helping with pointing out where players can find the right answers and if it saves you a minute to do something else, I’m happy to assist.

Could you tell me if this thread is the DEFINITIVE thread to answer that age old question/debate regarding how the war scores are not based on titans or cups?

I think this thread is excellent for that specific question, because the thread title is explicitly that (which I set), and this post is very near the top (you’ll notice it’s been linked several other places):