Calculating team power and alliance war points

Why does an increase in star level automatically make it a higher level hero apart from the actual stats?? It makes no sense other than to artificially increase the power level of a hero to make it look better than it is. I propose that a heroes power level be determined by it’s stats only (including special). This will make is easier to compare heroes with different amounts of stars AND allow for the distribution of war points to be determined by power levels and not purely hit points. The hit point strategy makes for uneven point distribution. For example, look at the screen shots below. These teams are in the same alliance and worth the same points even though one team is clearly more difficult to beat.

I’m bumping this because I have a similar experience and haven’t found an answer yet.

Troops are all 3* level 3, 3 3*/Lvl 50/Special level 8 heroes, 1 3*/Lvl 50/Special level 7 hero, and 1 4*/ascension 3/Lvl 60/Special level 7. Total team power is 2473 rn. The points total up to 31 + 16 (47).

Next person:

  • 4*/ascension 3/Lvl 36/Special 8
  • 4*/ascension 2/Lvl 5/Special 3
  • 4*/ascension 3/Lvl 44/Special 7
  • 4*/ascension 2/Lvl 48/Special 7
  • 4*/ascension 2/Lvl 48/Special 4

Troops are 4 3* level 5’s and 1 4* level 2. Total team power 2503. I don’t understand how this person has 29 + 15 total points (44).

Also, third case:

  • 4*/asc 3/lvl 60/sp 7
  • 3*/asc 3/lvl 50/sp 7
  • 4*/asc 4/lvl 64/sp 8
  • 3*/asc 3/lvl 50/sp 5
  • 3*/asc 3/lvl 50/sp 5

Troops 3*, 2 lvl 6, 2 lvl 7, 1 lvl 8. Total team power = 2648, but points are 31 + 16 (47), the exact same as me. Can I get an explanation of this?

Last I checked, the points your team is worth is related to your defense’s total HP in relation to your teammates. Then the total 1500 team points is divided out.

You could have two teams with the exact same hero power and troops, but the defense with Horghall, Thorne, Justice etc will be worth more than your teammate who has Elena, Magni, Joon.

Is your explanation how I’m supposed to understand this?

So these are 3 members of my alliance (myself included):

Spreadsheet info of 3 alliance members

Do you mean that HP is a (not THE) deciding factor in point distribution? The HP difference between SP and me isn’t that large, but my team is still worth 3 more war points.

I think it’d really help if there was more clarity on the steps behind calculating the alliance war points (which I don’t think are fixed at 1500?)

I believe it was THE deciding factor early on in Wars, but your data would suggest otherwise. Are you drawing your HP stats from the hero card? Or does that include the troop bonus as well? I wouldn’t be surprised if SG changed it somewhere along the road.

I haven’t concerned myself with it lately, but it would be nice to know how it’s decided if it isn’t HP like I thought.
As for the total alliance worth, it should be 1500 for all alliances. 1000 points in the base available points, 500 in the bonus points.

Shoot, totally screwed up the spacing and thus the formula for the last one:


I’m not sure what this does in effect, though, as the point values haven’t changed (despite F having the most HP). Let me look at the effective HP values of the heroes after the next war rolls in; the three teams are all wiped so it’s hard to tell how the system calculates the HP values afterward

Maybe someone could explain this… Why is it when I give my team the best D troops in wars my points drop… The best Health troops give me 110 pts, but when I give them the best D troops, (mana troops) my pts drop to 105… I don’t get it…

As mentioned above, the health points available are the main factor to how many points the team is worth.

Eg. Neith’s troops.
The 3* Devout Battlers have a health percentage buff of up to 10% at level 20.
The 4* Monastic Battlemages have no health buff.

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Can someone tell me all the math exactly on how points are calculated here? I’m piecing things together, and here’s what it looks like to me:

An alliance’s entire army is worth 1500 points.
Those 1500 points are divided by the total hit points on all alliance heroes and distributed accordingly.

Therefore, if I have a team with low HP, my team will be worth less points and everyone else’s teams will be worth more. Is that how it works? And all points are distributed by HP and no other factor?

You are absolutely right. :slight_smile:

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The higher the health. The more war points

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