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Friends, someone knows how to calculate the special healer example Belith 25% recovers life, wanted to know how this calculation is done, example playing I left her with life 185 and after the special passed to 304. I did not find a formula to reach this value.

Heals 25% of her total health

Modified by any healing bonus from troop.

How is it modified? For example, if the troops give +10% healing bonus, will it be:

25% + 10% = 35%


25% x 110% = 27.5%?

The latter.

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Does a healer heal the percentage of the health of the hero he heals or of his own health ?

% of target’s total health, altered by any special effects that affect healing like troop’s or Triton’s healing % bonus. There also are several factors that can block or diminish healing.

Thanks for the fast answer! :smile:

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