Caedmon vs Jack O' Hare

I need your advices, people!

I have Marjana, Delilah, Boldtusk, Grimm and Caedmon in my team.

I can ascend one of my green heroes and I have Caedmon and Jack O Hare.

Am thinking about to switch Caedmon to Jack O Hare since this rabbit has fast mana speed now and attack all enemies.

Caedom is great too but always wanted a hero that attacks entire enemies.

Who should I invest ascend items to?
I need your opinions!

Both seem good and are worth ascending IMO, but Caedmon is a dispeller, and that’s an incredibly useful talent that your current team otherwise lacks. I’d pick him first in your place.


Caedmon, Caedmon and Caedmon.

Unless you’re looking to build
1: An excellent map farming team.
2: High attack stat green heros for the intermediate event.
3: Make a 3rd green for blue titans.

Single target, fast, hits hard and dispells. Cant go wrong with that.


Caedmon looks better since he is a dispelled, which is very good in raids and AWs. I also don’t like rabbit’s self decreasing of defence as if it was hit by Tiburtus or Grimm.

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I was in the same predicament and decided to ascend Caedmon because of his dispell ability. Based on Anchor’s hero ranking spreadsheet, neither really ranked well but after watching Zero’s vid on the last event run, Jack has some of the highest tile damage so I’m going to start leveling him up and ascend him as well.

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Thanks for comments! :wink:

First Caed, no doubt.

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Both are great. No bad choices. But I would go with your first instinct. Jack ups you attack flexibility a little more than Cae. But definitely upgrade Cea when you get the chance. He is super useful

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Caed is my choice. I have both as well.

Just ascended Grimm to 4th and have enough gloves right now for 1 more. It will be Caed then Rigard I think.

Depends on gloves and hidden blades for my red heros (Nat, BT, Lance, G Falcon).

My vote is also for Caedmon the dispel has saved me many times and helped me complete events as well.

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