Caedmon vs Brynhild

Good evening guys!
I was lucky enough to get 3 Brynhilds and now I’m in the process to ascend a 4* hero!
It will be the first time that ascend one of them.
What is your opinion on this between Caed and Brynh?


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Caedmon is a green sniper with a dispel/de-buff. Brynhild is a support hero - an upgraded version of Friar Tuck - healing, mana generation & defence vs special skills for her flanks.

Which one you choose depends on what you are looking for - Caed hits hard and debuffs, Brynhild offers survival and power ups to surrounding heroes.


Bring both to 3.60 and play with them for a while. After that you’ll know better, whome to max first.


Thanks for the prompt reply!The truth is that in both cases and especially that of Caed, with similar traits to Sonia or Melander who is also a healer ,Brynh expert is no more sophisticated?You tell me what it is and what everyone wants but what do you think about their use in wars or events are most useful?

Brynhild is a new hero. Not many players have experience with her.
From her description I’d say that she can be useful against teams with dispellers (Caedmon, Melendor and others) and to protect her neighbors against hard special attack (snipers or heroes that hit all). Her protection won’t help against damage over time (Colen, Proteus, Kelile). Mana boost looks helpful, but judging by Sir Lancelot that also provides +24% mana boost for 4 turns it is not something very game changing.

Caedmon looks much more straightforward to use.

If you have a healer like Boldtusk, Kiril, Melendor or Rugard, I’d probably start with Caedmon.


What do you need more right now? If you need a sniper, max Caedmon. If you need a healer, max Brynhild. If you’re not sure which you need, bring both to 3/60 and play with them before you decide


My choice go caedmon he will help you with titan damage and get the materials for Bryn. Don’t worry about the wars now , just play with your allies using available heros and eventually you will ramp up.

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They are completely different heroes. One heals 3 and supports significantly, the other is a damage dealer and quite handy dispell. It’s apples vs oranges.

Which one you should take really depends on your play style, who you normally play with, what you lack etc. Both are very good heroes that you will use even quite late in the game. So make your decision based on the following - in the coming month, do you need a green healer/support/tank or a sniper/dispell/flank?


You helped me a lot and so I choose to go with Caed!

Thank you very much!!

Caedmon is a failproof hero. You can max him out and never regret it, you will keep using him even long after he goes out of your main team.

As for Brynhild, I love her. But that’s because of 2 things and for the war context only:
1_She is a greem with a fast ult that has a mana boost buff.
2_She is a Rogue healer, so with a few emblems she can be a really solid asset for an F/D team on a FTP player. I personally hate my green roster, they are all slow heroes (I dont have Caedmon, and the other good one is Gandalf which he usually goes on the B/C team). So having her has giving me some new love for the green color (not a lot, just a little more).


Caedmon will bring to you dispell , a relatively hard hit at Fast speed and a solid offensive green option (there are not many green classic epic snipers).

Brynhild is less versatile . I imagine she pairing well with heavely Buff teams to avoid the dispell … But overall shes not the first choice id pick on greens …

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if you dont have a sniper and dispeller… max caedmon and give him emblem.

if you need support hero… max brynhild and give her emblem.

i have both max and emblemed, and i like combine them with little john

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It really depends what you’ve got in progress in other colours…

If you’ve already ascended Sabina or Sonya, then Caed is less of a burning necessity because you’ll already have your first dispel and can choose to work on another function.
(That said, he’s still good and may still be worth doing early on anyway!)

But then if you had Sabina and Rigard to choose between, it’d make sense to do Caed so that you could skip Sabina and do Rigard first (purely because it gets you dispel AND cleanse).

There’s a lot to think about in choosing the best well-rounded bench early on and naturally it depends on what you already have to a significant extent!


Something else that Brynhild has that I forgot to mention is that she can be a good option for Trials, specially for new ppl that lack the resources to get a solid 5man team.

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In case it helps, here is what you could expect Caedmon to look like someday… I have him at +18 emblems, took the attack/defense route the whole way. (I generally stop 4* at +18 because I think the higher cost for +19 & +20 isn’t worth the benefit.)


I was fortunate enough to get 2x Brynhild in recent summons, and I’m leveling up the first one, I will eventually level both and I think they’ll be pretty good in 4* No-Red tournaments in particular.

Others have discussed deciding based on your need; eventually, you’ll want them both, because they are both good in different ways. :smiley: I’d vote for Caedmon first because being able to dispel the whole enemy team is valuable, especially early on if you’re seeing Cyprian & Boril in raids.

Good gaming!


Thank you guys for the help!I m glad for your response s!! honestly

What others are you ascending?

Have double Bryn flanks and see if she’s not great.

Caedmon is not bad but you won’t be using him other than 4* tournaments soon.

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At least keep one Caedmon and 2 Brynhild, do not forget to lock those heroes.
IMO, like @Fizban said,… bring both 3.70 and see what more needed.
Caedmon Fast dispell and also if you are lucky to get his costume, Fast cleanser like Sonya but in green.
Brynhild is very good for Trial of Survival, no other healer except him, so ascend 2x of him is also and option, but consider variety, because we can bring Heal pots in Trial quest, no big deals though… just an opinion to consider.

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I would NEVER suggest bringing a 4* hero to 3.70… :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh heh… it was someone else who suggested leveling both, and in general I think that is good practice to bring a 4* to 3.60 and try it out for a while before deciding if you want to ascend it. I think these will both be ascended heroes someday though.

Good gaming!

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