Caedmon to max or Elkanen to tier 3?

With the help of (far to excessive - really wanted Kageburado and Wilbur) Atlantis summoning and Shrikewood I finally have 4 sturdy shields and the possibility to take Caedmon to max or Elkanen to tier three. Which way should I go?

In my roster apart from those two: Leonidas 60/2, Kunchen 60/2, Boldtusk 50/3, Kelile 55/3, Sabina 40/3, Grimm 37/3, Hu Tao 42/3 and Boril 14/3.

Recent and previous catches all at 1/1: Frida, Sumitomo, Proteus, Gobbler, Agwe, Ameonna, Triton, Danzaburo, Cyprian, Gormek, Melendor, Li Xiu, Cheshire Cat and Captain of Diamonds.

For 3* I have saved one rainbow team for Atlantis and season 1 each (various stages but generally still quite low levels).

I have a hard time putting together a defense team that really works… they just won’t fit in a good way.

Caedmon would be my choice…a max 4* …Elk reaches his real potential if he is 4/80.
On your roster Leonidas…Kunchen…Boldtusk…Grimm…

On Atlantis Sumitomo…Proteus…Triton…and of course Frida
Lot’s to do :grin:

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Hehe yes, lots to do… Have done five 10x summons in total since I started - been lucky!

Yes I suppose you are right in choosing Caedmon over Elk, there will be time for the primadonnas later and I might not even want to take Elk all the way once I have the materials for it. Thanks!!

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