Caedmon still removes debuff whilst missing attack


This could be working as intended. But, I noticed in a raid today that after I applied my accuracy debuff with Hu Tao to the opponents team, Caedmon missed with his special attack but still removed all my buffs.




And Li Xiu still steals mana and Sartana and Marana still aply their dots.

It’s interesting…


Yeah that seems a little odd…


Why would that seem odd? The idea is it makes the Attack less accurate not the other spell effects.


I don’t think you can conclude the intention when you’re not a member of the development team.


I am not concluding anything. I am going by what they have said. They corrected the Gambler’s Stance so it didn’t impact healers like it did at the start. They stated they wanted it to impact special ATTACKS. Why would this be any different?

Reading no conclusions is where I got the idea from.


I wasn’t privy to such information


And maybe I am taking a single action to mean an intent. :relaxed:

But either way, the OPs question is still a valid one. Is this a bug or an intent. It would be nice to know for sure.


I’ve noticed that status effects carry through after a missed attack also. It’s counterintuitive to blind a debuffer to intentionally hope that he misses his debuff but still get debuffed when his special misses.