Caedmon still counterattacked, debuffer not working

Question about debuggers.
I have Caedmon, into his talent grid. When I go up against Cyprian or Boril or others with the counterattack special, he still gets counterattacked and takes a huge hit. I thought he was supposed to disarm the counterattack.

Caedmon deals damage first and then dispells the buffs, therefore he takes the damage as he has not dispelled the counterattack buff yet.
Currently, the only hero who removes the buffs first and then deals damage is Kageburado.


Thanks. Not what I was hoping to hear, but thanks.

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Riposte hero’s generally cover target and nearbys. When using Caedmon, don’t focus him on those enemies with the riposte. Instead, hit one that doesn’t have the riposte applied. Caedmon will hit, not take any damage, and still clear out the riposte from the other enemies. I do this all the time when facing Boril tanks in war and it works perfectly :blush:


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