Caedmon Retires

It is perhaps the saddest day ever in Ivy’s Empire, as Caedmon hangs up his halberd for the last time.

I made the change today, though I could have made it slightly sooner. With his higher percentage in his special skill and attack down, Kingston was a more potent follow up to Evelyn than Caedmon even when his attack stat was a tad lower. But I have a great deal of affection for Caedmon. You can keep the emblems, cherished Druid!

Raid Machine

In my last 3,224 raids, Caedmon fought in a whopping ~30% of them! He went 908-45, a staggering win rate of 95.3%. Notably, that’s higher than my win rate for the whole sample, which was 94.2%.

Hero Value

I am working on a metric that calculates the value of each hero on my roster, accounting for their contributions in raids and on titans. Basically, pretty much no matter the way I score it, it tells me my most valuable hero is Wu Kong, followed by a handful of top tier five stars, and then Caedmon. He is ~6th of the 38 heroes I assigned value to.

And in truth I think this undersells him slightly, because at the start of my raid tracking I was splitting green 3tack duty between Caedmon and Buddy. I quickly saw Caedmon was as good as or better than Buddy - if I add that part of Buddy’s value to Caedmon, he passes Frida in value under most scoring rubrics. But more importantly, this allowed me to strip Buddy of emblems and shift those to Evelyn and Seshat. So Caedmon strengthened both my green AND purple 3tacks - a truly remarkable achievement.



Maybe a retirement home for heroes would have been much better than the alchemy lab. :wink:

Retire and get their mats and emblems back.


He’ll still get a call up in War time & tournaments tho surely?

And can always go a 3-stack with Buddy, Caed & Kingston right…?


This is an awesome post. Ivy your raid data project is really great. Will be very cool to see the metric you’re working on!


I found my home already :smirk:
But Cead may go here…


Definitely! Especially since I’m keeping the emblems on him - I have no higher value Druid (or great prospects on getting one in the future). Given all the blue tanks I see in war he’ll still be very important for sure, but my primary green 3tack is now Mother North, Evelyn, and Kingston. Since I already have a dispel, it’s hard to see him displacing any one of those three against any defensive configuration.


Have been thinking about this as I’ve been considering emblems to Caed… his costume is likely to be cleanse, wouldn’t you think? Since his regular special is the same as Sonya. That cleanse plus the stat boost plus emblems would make him pretty uniquely useful again in my roster for sure


You have a good point - I hadn’t really considered his costume, partly because I’d need for the chamber to actually exist again :roll_eyes: and then I’d need to pull it. A cleansing version à la Sonya is definitely a good guess, especially since the same thing happened to Tyrum. I guess if that happens I’ll consider redoing his emblem path - again, assuming that particular flawed game aspect (having the same path on costume and non-costumed versions) remains as is.


I’m quite looking forward to seeing your project when you are finished @IvyTheTerrible. It sounds thoroughly interesting. I also use Caed quite often in my green stack. Evelyn and MN are avoiding me, all because I called those raisin cookies, disguised as chocolate chips, the spawn of hell!! It also ruined any trust I had in future cookie contents!!!


Funnily, I made cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies last night, so…n=2…more data needed, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Weird thing is I actually like those, along with Raisin Bran but I hate biting into what I assume is a chocolate chip and it’s dried up grapes :face_vomiting:

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My saddest: apple juice…turned out to be green tea.

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Ouch!! That’s pretty depressing.
Got it beat though, that 100$ I swear I had in my wallet turned out to be 5-1$ bills and not the 5-20$ that I had thought :upside_down_face:

P.S I may Or May not have been at a bar and I may or may not have done one too many shots of JD.

Learned that from @Rigs :wink:


There’s a lot of debate about the elven bit.

Caedmon may be half elf or an elf friend, but he lacks most of the characteristics of a typical Tolkienesque elf as parroted by elk, kad and Lianna.

Anyway magnifique post @ivy.

There will still be many borils to bash in the 4* tourneys

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