Caedmon removes Wilbur’s Spirit Link on Enemies [Working as Designed]

Just fighting my way through S2, fired off Wilbur then Cademon and he removed the all enemies receive damage buff. Is that surposed to happen? Its not a enemy buff its from Wilbur. Any ideas why this is like that

Shared damage is considered a buff regardless of who casts it.

So I think the idea is, that you cast Wilbur, who lowers defence and shares damage, then attack with a strong colour and the whole enemy team is disproportionately damaged.

But what about the defence down, is that a buff that stayed and had Sabina not sure if she did anything, might check on that

Defence down is a debuff. So that stays unless they cleanse with e.g. Rigard or flip it with e.g. Kirill

And if l the jargon is getting a bit much, check the dictionary :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for that, they should change that though, lol

I tend to use triton as a sniper with Wilbur rather than Caedmon to avoid this (or use the snipe only when on the 4th turn of the spirit link). It is annoying to have to “hold on” to my healing from Sabina/Melendor while waiting for Wilbur to run out…

No thanks :wink:

Allowing for more high risk/high gain or multi-hero strategies helps keep the game interesting for longer.

It does require a little more thought and experience.

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When Wilbur casts, the enemies get defense down, AND shared damage.

Using a dispeller like Caedmon, Melendor, Sabina or Zeline will remove the enemy shared damage, but not the defense down.

I actually find that helpful. Use Wilbur, then dispel, and it’s far easier to pick the enemy heroes off one by one.

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Off topic but welcome back Jonah! :wink:

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I’ll echo @Inigo on this, I like the way it works. Just pop Wilbur, use a dispel and then plow through weakened enemies one by one quickly.
Would rather have it as it is now so I have the option to keep it or dispel myself, than to have that taken away from me.

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I hear ya, but i like the shared damage, specially when its a bad board or tiles are good on one side, you can hit the left and the right dies as well :), also dosnt charge up the boss ( on a bad board) :joy:

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