Caedmon removed my Proteus debuff on opponent's Rigard

99% confident this is what happened.

I had Proteus’ debuff up on opponent’s left side (Rigard and a blue hero). Mana bar on both was grey. Caedmon charged up 2 turns later, I hit Rigard. The Proteus debuff became the red teardrop ‘bleed’ icon (I did not have a Barbarian on my team), and Rigard’s mana bar was blue again. Mana bar on the neighbor was still grey, and I had not even used my tile hit yet so it had definitely not run out.

Edit: Yes I do have Wu on my team. No, it was not active when I used Proteus. Again, both opponent’s heroes had the debuff and a grey mana bar. I do not recall if Wu buff was up on Caedmon when he struck, but he did hit.

Could it be that Rigard activated Mana shield due to his Cleric talent and avoided Proteus’s mana block?

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No, the mana block WAS up…100% or he would have fired off a heal. The only thing I can think of is that Caedmon’s attack triggered Mana shield and removed the debuff? I didn’t think that was in the rules, only that it can prevent a mana block but not remove an existing one.

Hmmm that sounds very interesting, but I don’t think mana shield is supposed to work like that, it needs to be activated when the attack is going on. But, I guess the game experts would know more about it. @Garanwyn @zephyr1 @Kerridoc


Mana shield should only act on the new attack, not existing debuffs AFAIK. And it shouldn’t trigger on a dispel. Sure sounds like a bug to me :man_shrugging: But Kerridoc or Zephyr may know more than I here.

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Looks buggy to me, @sara / @J.o. @TheSchmoo , it’s always helpful if you can grab a quick screenshot when you see something that looks buggy.

@TheSchmoo please submit a support ticket (#contact-support) so we can investigate this further. We would need the exact time and date, so we can find the battle mentioned.

Also, as Kerridoc mentioned, screenshots or videos are always helpful to us better understand the issue!


A screenshot would only be useful if I had a before and after. If I had a dollar for every time a tester or customer sent me a useless screenshot, I would be retired. :stuck_out_tongue: My after description is accurate. I’ll see if I can dig up the time window and opponent’s name (assuming it’s in English) if it hasn’t already fallen out of my raid history.

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