Caedmon or Melendor


Hey I‘m fairly new to the game and am unsure about who to level up, Caedmon or Melendor. I would like to go with Caedmon because he seems like a good offensive choice since I already have Kasshrekk for defense, but I‘m lacking any healers of another colour (Rigard/Bortusk etc). Hence the question, is Melendor better in my situation?

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Id pick Melandor. Cade can grow later.


I always leveled my healers up first.


The 3* healers are not very effective, and having a good healer will help you move along.


Alright guess I‘m going with Mel then, thank you guys!


I disagree, you have Kashrek who is debatedly the best 4* tank available and Caedmon who is the best 4 star sniper with dispell. Melendor is good but having two green healers is a recipe for disaster. I would level Caedmon first but I would level Proteus over either of them, he’s a very good 4 star. Wilbur and Triton too, you have your work cut out for you.


I really like Caedmon, but Kashrek is kinda limited as a healer, so I think I’d prefer having Melendor as an option. (Of course, Rigard/Boldtusk/etc would change my mind quickly.)

… and in wars, there’s no drawback to Kashrek + Melendor: Just put them on two different teams. :wink:


I remember reading Anchor’s hero guide and being surprised that Kashrek was the only A rated 4 star tank. He can definitely be a pain while Melendor is squishy and very limited on defense. Kashrek is a good center, Melendor is not and with as limited of a leveled roster as the OP has now theyhe should work on diversity rather than level a bunch of healers. Just my opinion. They have some really really good Atlantis heroes waiting to level.


I can’t argue with that. Could use a sniper, yes. Triton looks like he may be good, but Caedmon definitely is, and with both, you have options.


I would level Melendor and level Triton so that you have a hitter. They synergize well since Triton will make Melendor’s heal massive, could turn a losing raid around. Not a fan of Kashrek since you’re already leveling Li Xiu. Finish Scarlett since she’s close to 3/60 and start Wilbur. If Scarlett already has 8/8 special I would feed her same color 2* and feed Wilbur the same color 1*. Proteus will complete your team, pretty good team actually. Then you can level Caedmon after you finish Melendor.


@DMP Scarlett is on 8/8 so wouldn‘t it be better to feed the 1* heroes to her and the 2* heroes to Wilbur so I get a higher %?


@TylerDirtyn Thank you, that comment really helps me. Since I‘m usually colour matching my heroes and I have Ameonna on 3/60 Proteus was the obvious next step for me. Same goes gor Triton since Valen is maxed. I will focus on Wilbur after i get my Scarlett to 3/60.
I‘m just curious as DMP pointed out Triton and Melendor would probably make a great combination (same goes for Kashrekk but he only heals 3…) so that‘s why it might be better to level Mel first?


You can live and prosper without ever maxing kashrek. You do, however need a dispeller, and both Caedmon and Melendor are great hero’s with this ability. Both are viable choices and eventually you should max both (don’t waste shields on Kashrek).


I can and do recommend Caedmon, I’ve got both him and Melendor maxed, but where Caed survives, Mel dies too quickly. Caed is fast, Mel is average, so another point for Caed to the plus side. Personally, I really like Caed’s weighted stats, he has good attack, good defense and very good health.


@Argon But in my situation, if I was to replace Kashrek with Caedmon (speaking about offense). I wouldn‘t have a healer. So should I just assume I‘ll get Sabina/Bordtusk/Rigard or some other decent healer on the way? :sweat_smile:


In that case levelling up Melendor makes more sense, you’ll get a healer and a buff remover in one package.


Although a same color 2* does give 4% chance compared to the same color 1* with 2% chance a 2* gives more than twice the exp of a 1* so a hero would level “too fast” and not get as many chances to level their special as compared to giving them same color 1*.