Caedmon or Buddy Ascension?

I just got Buddy to 3/60 and now have a decision to make… Since I have just 1 compass, who should I ascend first to 4? Thanks!

Buddy is brilliant. For me, him all day long.

Tough call as they are both really good 4*. Buddy’s attack is everything you could want from a 4*. Caedmon is a fast ataccker who can dispel eneky buffs. Can’t go wrong with either.

Post your entire deck, or your most leveled hero if you can.

Buddy is a jack of all trades: he increase his own (and nearby allies) HP and decrease foe’s ATK & DEF.
Caedmon dispels and sings in his free time.

Id say Buddy :wink:


Here are the main ones which are level up…

Evelyn @ 3/70
G. Kong @ 3/70
Joon @ 3/70
Caedmon @ 3/60
Buddy @ 3/60
Rigard @ 4/70
Kiril @ 4/70
Triton @ 4/60
Tiburtus 4/22
Wilbur @ 4/20
Wu Kong @2/50

In stock for future levelling up

Richard @ 1/7
Justice @ 1/1
Evelyn @1/1
Quintus @ 2/1

I am a ceadmon fan, and i don’t have Buddy but Evelyn/buddy combo could be devastating so i would do buddy first.

You already have Tiburtus and Wilbur and they both lower the defences of the opponents.
You only have one dispeller (Evelyn) and Evelyn + Caedmon make for a powerful 1-2 punch. My vote is for Caedmon.


I like more Buddy, but you really need a dispeller.



With your line-up Caedmon will probably win you more raids and as @Elpis said, you need a dispeller.

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I vote Caedmon. As others have pointed out, you need a dispeller. Also, I think he pairs better with Evelyn since their specials will charge and be ready to fire at the same time. That is NOT true for Buddy, where you’d need to either hold Evelyn for a bit or fire her and hope you can make an extra match for Buddy while Evelyn’s nature debuff is still active.

Buddy 4/50 with Evelyn 3/70 has enabled me to win raids I would never attempt previously. Buddy is pretty tanky as well. Nothing against Caedmon, but Buddy all day for me.

Buddy. Useful in raids, useful vs. titans. Caedmon is only useful in raids kinda sorta. Buddy is as tanky as any 5* and amplifies damage for everyone.

Thanks everybody… I will probably start with Buddy and with time, and a new Compass will level up caedmon… So next question on Buddy…
My main roaster for Titans (when using Buddy) will be:


So, where should I put buddy because the minions are summoned for him and for the nearby casters.

Thanks again everybody!

Put them next to your least tanky heroes. They act as a shield. The damage is negligible.

Left to right…triton kiril buddy joon evelyn

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