Caedmon 4/70 or Tarlak 3/70

I was unlucky with shields so I have Caedmon at 3/60 for some time now.
I love my new Tarlak so I lean towards using my shields on him.
What do you recommend?
I already have Sonya maxed so Caedmon would be a duplicate kind of.
Is Tarlak 3/70 really worse than Caedmon 4/70 keeping in mind his unique skill?
PS. I have Wu Kong for buffs right now but I feel Tarlak is much better.

Tarlak all days and nights, even a little bit more health can make him survive better your titan fights.

But is Tarlak 3/70 good enough for raids in higher platinium?
For titans I have Wu Kong for now…

Nothing good enough on higher platinum unless fully 5☆ team with Guin and good tank and snipers. Any thing else can easly get droped fast down to gold eithin a day.

At that level, Tarlak is not sturdy enough. He is a titan weapon for me.

And a full 5* roster is not necessary to open diamond chests. I raid that high (before the nightly cup drop) with only two.

For raid attacks he could do well: his special doubles your tile damage and with his average mana speed it isn’t impossible to make him fire before the tank / flank, possibly making you win the fight easier. It doesn’t empower special damage unlike any other ATK buff but his bonus is huge.

Tarlak doesn’t make you miss the weak spot as Wu Kong does… and there you miss time for the titan’s attack and a considerable amount of damage.

BS. I haven’t leveled any 5* yet but I sit comfortably in mid platinum with 4* heroes. I open platinum chests every day and sometimes diamond.


Saying higher platinum !
Not mid … lol …
I am setting in mid platinum too with 4☆ team.
But its never good enough for higher platinum or diamond.
Tell me your 4☆ holding you in diamond to give you back your “BS” you’ve nicely given to me :stuck_out_tongue:

My Tarlak is 3:69 now. I use him with on raid 2200 cups minimum. 9 * Titan. I enjoy using him a lot.

This is what I’m using currently on defense

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I’m actually low diamond at the moment

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I’m probably going to drop some cups on purpose though otherwise opening my next chest will be a chore.

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Looking for you now. Figure you’re good for 30+ cups. Hope you forget to clean the tower

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My defense is a single Wu Kong lol. I’ve only dropped 80 cups in the 2 hours I’ve been inactive, come get em. I want to have around 2200, sets me up nice to open a diamond chest tomorrow.

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Good luck.
I am droping cups for food.
Higher gold now.
But aming to be droped to lower gold.
Chests loot of arena never been good any way to me.