Caed vs Boril ascension


So lo and behold i have the mats to ascend either of these heros. Both specials are at lvl 7. Which should i ascend? The one i dont ascend will need to wait for another compass. Boril i use on my def team only. Caed is always present. Thanks!


Caedmon for sure. He’s one of the best green heroes at the moment (at 70) aside from having a level 80 Lianna.


Caed is bae!!! I wanna have his babies!!! Lmao


Caedmon all day long.
But due to 3 people saying he is good now he will probably get nerfed.


He already was nerfed with the latest patch. Now he removes the buffs after he deals the damage. So if you hit someone with reposte, Caed will receive the reflected damage before he removes the buff.


Boril all day! Caedmon needs buff!


Had no idea it didnt work like this before. Anyways thanks for the input. Caed is now my first fully ascended 4*! He’s been around longest for me and boril will get his soon as i score another compass.


The devs automatically get alerted when a hero gets praised 3 or more times in a row.


Yeah, even with the special adjustment, he is still the best 4* green.