Cademon not functioning correctly

About a week ago Cademon started to spray every opponent on the board with a tiny amount of damage rather then focusing on the opponent I choose. Tried levelling him up, taking him off the team, and restarting both the game and my pad. I am using a samsung galaxy tab 3 with all current updates done.

No one else in my alliance is having this issue…help please, it’s destroying this event for me as he is my only levelled up hero in green.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Are you positive that is what is happening? His debuff should hit All with only damage on target

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Nearly 100% confident it’s just the graphic which is confusing it.

That was the case since the change though, so not certain what would’ve changed a week ago.

@OP: need screencap or video of what you’re seeing to give any better response.


Try your Caedmon in the storyline campaign, say on level 8.7. That should give a clean view. Caedmon will one-shot kill any 8.7 minion.

My guess, as noted above, is that what you’re seeing is Caedmon debuffing all foes, which looks like it’s scattering damage. You can check this by touch-and-hold a foe before you shoot to see its health, aim at a different target, shoot, and check the untargeted foe again.


Okay, thanks I’ll double check