Cabin Boy Peters-- question

I just discharged (in war) Cabin Boy Peters on a fully-charged Rigard.

Rigard was not silenced, and fired his special the very next turn.

No wu kong, drake fong, blindness or any other effect in play… in fact Rigard was affected by Evelyn, so should have taken the +54% green damage.

Is this broken? My understanding is that Peters ‘silence’ makes a charged special not work at all. (through the duration)

Did the Rigard have emblems? His Manashield clerical skill can prevent Silence from attaching. If that was the case, you should have seen (or been able to see):

  1. A brief Manashield activation message on Rigard
  2. No Silence status icon on Rigard

Both tells are easy to miss. Might that be the solution?


I did not see a manashield pop up at all. However, the Rigard is emblemed up to 6. It is possible that it happened but did not show.

I had a couple of options to silence so I would not have chosen him if the shield was active.

You are most likely right, though.

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