C2P - next steps for Castle development on way to TC20

I apologize in advance for the wall of text – hopefully answers will help those that come later!

I’m in the C2P camp with 12 days left on my first VIP and about 22 days in the game +/-. Gems and daily summons aside I’m contemplating the need for VIP again against variables such as next steps in terms of building strategy, short/medium term game goals, and getting the most out of a second builder while I have it. I sure would appreciate any advice from those who have ‘been there, done that’, validation of my assumptions, and anyone who would be willing to throw any additional advice out there for things I might not have thought of.

At a high level:

  • SH: 12
  • TC: 12, 7, 4
  • I don’t have a particularly strong or leveled 3* rainbow team yet. I bounce between 500 & 600 cups with a 1,914 power primary map/raid team & 1,914 defense team (ironically same power)
  • Heroes: 1x 5* (lucky Drake HOTM pull), 2x 4* (defense types), ~8x 3* (2 or 3 keepers but nothing fancy really)

I feel like I have 3 general milestones/options:

  1. Upgrade the lagging 2 TCs to 11. Pros are more 3*, faster feeder production, can take advantage of the second builder to solidify the castle with left over iron – ie raise farms to 9 for long term production
  2. Push SH to 15 for additional buildings/land. Extra mine will facilitate quicker growth. At this point I could raise the lagging TCs to 11 and then push to TC20.
  3. Push SH to 20 and then circle back to raise neglected areas

It would seem option 3 isn’t a push as much as a long-term slog that because of the timeframe involved might suck some of the fun out of the game. I think what I’m really trying to balance is option 1 or 2 with a key piece being how important that last mine actually is (or isn’t). Obviously key to leveling the SH is the iron and time that go into the iron storages and then upgrading the SH.

General assumptions based on things I’ve read:
Farms @ 9 +/- are sufficient for the initial TC20 and perhaps beyond
Forge @ 8 is good for battle items until TC20 is achieved
Mines @ 13 +/- are sufficient for TC20 unless you want a number of high level battle items (by default though this includes a 4th mine at 13 though)
3x Houses @ 5 (storage of 72) is sufficient until TC20
A lower level, second forge (not barracks) seems to be an optional item not needed but useful for when primary forge is being upgraded

Current Castle
SH: 12
TC: 12, 7, 4
WT: 10
Mines: 3 @ 12
Farms: 7 @ 8
Forge: 8, 5 (barracks – sorta regret the iron spend at this point of the game but /shrug)
Iron Storage: 4 @ 10
Food Storage: 1 @ 7, 2 @ 6
House: (72) 3 @ 5

Some quick advice I can think of off the top of my head…work on getting a 3* rainbow team fully ascended/leveled and work on 5 heroes at a time, 1 for each color. Raise one TC to 13, and the others to tc11. As you are cheap play, I would keep investing in VIP, and set ur sights on TC20 as fast as reasonably possible. You will be switching builds between SH (obviously), ore storage (to facilitate SH building), TC’s (so you aren’t waiting on a TC when your SH is nearing 20, food storage (you need approx 1.3 mil food storage to research legendary training), houses (100 recruit threshold). The reason for tc13 is for the 5% possibility of pulling a 4* while you build. Otherwise, keep doing what ur doing, you’re well on ur way :wink: If you have any other questions, shoot! Hope this little bit helps.

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I think I am Cr2P (Cheaper 2 Play) than you are because I have not even once spent on VIP Pass to get 2nd builder and daily Gems.

The main attraction now for VIP Pass is the 2nd Builder option. A few weeks into playing, hopefully by now you should see the time you are not spending on upgrading something is time wasted. So yes, I might have “wasted” a lot of time myself, but that’s just the way I chose to play. There may be times where I am just about full on my Iron and/or food storage but I couldn’t spend it on another building upgrade because I currently have one upgrade going. But I use the time to just spend the overflowing food on crafting, feeder training, hero/troop upgrades, and iron on crafting.

Your building levels are just a tad over half the buildings levels. But they are incrementally going to require more resource (food/iron/time) to upgrade. So your VIP pass may be more helpful at or around this point in the game where you can upgrade multiple buildings at a time. If patience isn’t something you are practicing on, this next part is something that you may want to use to see whether you want to extend your VIP Pass.

If TC20 is what your primary goal is now, your production building levels may be a bit far behind to get you enough Iron/Food, bring them up a bit. You will need at least 5 x Iron Storage at level 18 to have enough stockpile room for SH20. Don’t forget about your Food Storage, you will need to upgrade them far above what you have in order to stockpile enough food perform the Research needed for the Legendary Training. Housing is something you need to work on too when you get the chance because you need space for 100 Recruits for each session on Legendary.

I started playing in January and when I started playing, I was just leveling everything I had very evenly, until I started coming to the forums and after getting the advise from some of the veterans here, started focusing on TC20 (that was around the end of March), I reached my first TC20 and the first one out of there was beginning of July. Up to this point, I’ve spent $0.99 (promo money from Google Play Store). So it is definitely doable, just whether you have the patience for it. After all, the VIP pass hasn’t always been available, so the even long time players did it straight up too.

Good luck to you on your quest.


I did the same thing (except that my staying C2P didn’t last)

My recommendations beyond what you are planning:

  1. Level your farms up more until you start having food surpluses. For me that was when around 13-15; I kept them up with my stronghold like you are with your mines. If you get extra food, you can bank it in TC13.

  2. Upgrade you SH as fast as you can; upgrade your iron storage to the minimum needed to do the next one. (If you drop VIP you will need higher iron storage than that minimum or iron will overflow during long builds)

  3. You will want higher forge levels than the minimum soon. You get ascension items by completing event challenges and rare quests. Those will he hard to do with your team for a while, especially tough bosses in stage 10 of events. Blasting them with bombs, axes, arrows (all 5 you can carry of each when you get to the bosses) makes it easier. Dragon attacks too, at a higher level. (I’m guessing your team won’t be ready to do this even with battle items today, but you will get there soon enough as you collect 4* heroes)

  4. You will want to use TC13 to get 3*s and occasionally a 4* (3~5% chance) as soon as you can. Then build toward TC20 when you can.

  5. I wrote up my more detailed plan on how I was building to get to TC20 in another topic; that might help you. Stronghold building


Everyone else has covered everything major but just to add on: if you’re someone who still plans to invest a little bit of money each month into buying gems after your SH and TC are at level 20, the vip pass could still be worth while for you to buy.

A 30 day pass is $5 and you get 900 gems per month from it. If you compare that the regular price of gems ($5 for 400 and $10 for 850) its still a great deal.

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Yes, the VIP is still the best deal offered for gems even without the second builder. OK, the $0.99 challenge gem offers of 200 gems are slightly better than a 30-day VIP, but not as good as a 365-day VIP.

And the second builder will still be helping you months past achieving SH20/TC20; maxing the rest of the buildings will keep your second builder very busy…unless you are spending all your iron crafting timestops and tornados and can’t afford to run your builders at all!

This. This is why I still buy VIP even though the 2 builders are no longer helpful (most of my stuff is lvl 19, and there’s not enough iron to double at that level). Gimme cheap gems, and free tickets all month long.

Once you’ve beaten the dark lord, you can spam tickets on that level—as often as you have world energy—for the experience points. Or you can spam a level you like for filling a rare chest, etc etc. I like speed. :wink:


Then there’s also the extra free daily summon, which is helpful because it occasionally spits out 3 :star: heroes at us. Even if you already have all the three star heroes you desire, or desire to have nothing below 4 star heroes at all —they’re extremely helpful for leveling up heroes quickly and for less food than leveling them up with lower level heroes, and they also are better for helping you advance the special skills of heroes. (gosh im doing a terrible job of convincing myself to stay a free player right now)

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I like bargains but I won’t buy a 12 months pass, because I don’t know when to quit.


Thanks all for the input!

In reading through this I picked up something related to lower level TC that hadn’t clicked before. Namely that is I was chugging away running TC4 largely for no reason. Not that TC4 is bad but I had like 150 practice swords so instead of getting feeders every 10 minutes I was getting them every 3 hours. My heroes were starving hehe. At a higher level I get banking food, recruits but at my age & stage it just wasn’t needed. TC13 does take a lot of food and recruits though. One thing I did do is bump 2 houses from 5 to 6 giving me room to take recruits out of TC4 if I did have any banked there.

I’ve decided to go ahead and do at least a second VIP but decided that after dinking around and bumping a couple farms up a level. Shooting for SH15 (SH14 under construction) and will do a relatively small but general lift across multiple structures with the extra mine. I figure the 2 builders will help me do a few shorter builds while a long one is progressing. Will see how the iron holds up.

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