C. Scarlett holds her second sword backwards

Unless I’m missing something?


What’s missing is the rest of her sword blade in the original version …


Original version for comparison

@Saltyy I don’t understand how it backward. Do the second sword mean the sword behind her in costume version ?

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Yes, if she extended her arm gripping the sword behind her back, the point would curve towards the ground, opposite of the sword she holds in front of her


How do we know how long that blade is? It could be her sushi knife.

Looks like she has a whole kitchen set on her back…

Unless she actually carries 4 swords and scabbards on her back.


Haha maybe the other two are just handles :thinking:

She is a member of 4* S1 cooking team :rofl:,



It is maybe like Rurouni Kenshin Sword?



The Sakabatō ( (さか) () (とう) Reverse-Blade Sword ?) is the last of the strange swords forged by master swordsmith Arai Shakkū.

But in C.Scarlett sword, the sharp (lighter color) is not in the reverse though… :sweat_smile:

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Boldtusk didn’t deserved this kind of mockery… it’s a shame…

I know but it is the only full body picture of him that I can find (from google).

It’s not your fault… that’s SG idea of a (sick) joke…

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C Scarlett holding second sword in opposite direction… Sharp blade should be upward… As both sword s have same handle and design, inward sharp edge shouldn’t be case here…
Anyway, atleast she have full length sword to fight as compared to Original Scarlett :joy::joy:

The original was too. You don’t generally have that kind of notch on the leading edge of a slicing weapon (or at all on a rapier/piercing one).

Well, Actually It is looking pretty Good.

You are right - these kind of swords are only sharp on one side. So she will hit an enemy with the harmless side - maybe she does not want to kill him, knock out is enough​:thinking::wink:

There is a weapon called Dacian Falx which is like Saber with opposite curve direction.

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This is possible, but would mean she has two different styles of swords, and from what I could gather, the falx was most effective as a two handed weapon

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