C. Santa or C. Azlar?

The only slow Red 5* hero I got is Elena +19 and would like to level up another slow Red 5* mainly for VF Wars and Tourneys. I have C. Santa and C. Azlar and the mats to level one of them and also have a decent amount of emblems for either of them. I do believe that both of them are pretty decent heroes and not sure who to level up. Who should I give the mats to?

personally, I like C-Santa because his defense debuff makes other heroes hit harder.

I have Santa and Elena (no costume for either), and use them with C-Marjana and Boldtusk. usually after all 4 fire, the enemy is dead or at least severely hurt! I do Boldtusk > Santa > C-Marjana > Elena

C Azlar also hits hard of course, but Santa makes others hit hard.


Santa will set up other heroes. Azlar will do a better job finishing heroes off. I lean Santa since defense down is so useful in many areas.


Tanks guys! I was leaning to give the mats to C. Santa and definitely going that way. I was thinking going Attack-Defense with the emblems but who would you favor, the regular or the costume?

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costume version as it gives more DEF down :slight_smile: (for your offense)

In defense, normal one might be slightly better as he gives more atk minus…
So if opponent doesn’t have his cleanser ready, he’ll be in trouble…

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Thanks you guys for the advise! Really appreciate it!

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If you pair him with Elena you don’t want too much attack down - the stronger enemy attacks the more the riposte will hurt him. So with Elena costume version will be better.

I’ll chime in for C.Azlar. Depends on your roster of course, but mine is LB and at the following stats before troops: 956-851-1661

As a Paladin that D kicks up another notch when triggered.

He absolutely destroys people on raids and wars.

For me, Santa is never an issue. If I see C.Azlar I can’t ignore.

can’t see where my mistake is in my post??

Please read again and differ between offense and defense…

There is no mistake, in general you are right. I wanted only to highlight a specific situation, when you have a riposte hero in your team you don’t want to decrease enemy’s attack (not dependent is it offense or defense) to get more damage from the riposte.