C quintess or sartana defense

Okay, so I’m almost done with quintess and I’m wondering if I should replace sartana with c quintess that will have 19 emblems on him. Here is the stats that sartana has, what my costume quintess will look like and my current defense roster. Should I leave as is or put quintess in and replace sartana. Maybe put quintess left flank and move Frida right flank l. What you guys think? Idk if this matters either but I do have the 4s purple Mana troop at level 20.

I would try cQuintus since his stats are so much better than Sartana without costume bonus. He’s fairly powerful and that attack debuff can be fairly annoying.

Just one thing regarding your talent tree path, I would personally tweak the 8th node choice. Instead of taking xHP + Attack, I would take xDef + HP. You only lose out on 15 attack points which isn’t so bad, and get better durability by going for the defense multiplier instead of the HP multiplier. Keep everything else as is.

Just my opinion but I value higher defense more to let him fire more consistently.

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Okay cool, thanks for your input

Why not try out cQuintus and see how he does? You can always put Sartana back in if it turns out he’s terrible. Without actually trying it, IMHO Sartana is better on defense for all the normal reasons. But since you already have both, give him a shot.

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You right. Try him out and see how he does

Certainly worth a shot being next to BK. His taunt with get Quint a better change at firing that crippling attack all heroes.

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Thank you for the advice. Once he’s up and running I’ll let you all know how he did.


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